Sunday, October 18, 2009

78 Thumbs Up......Harper and Flaherty stole our retirement

Comment on Globe and Mail's weekend story about Retirement Lost by "Just a humble man":

Nobody has brought up Income Trusts yet so i guess I will. Canadians had public equity Income Trusts as a source of income for their retirement but our good friends Harper and Flaherty decided that would not be the case anymore and destroyed/stole our capital. Its funny, private trusts, offshore trusts, and public pension plans owning companies and managing them as trusts are still ok. Look who benefits and look who suffers. The wealthy in this country make the laws and rules that favor themselves but it comes at the expense of other good Canadians. Yes, trust NO ONE. They all LIE. Look after yourself.


Dr Mike said...

This is what happens when big-business controls the gov`t.

They come first & if there is anything left then they will keep it for themselves.

Government for the people , eh.

Well I guess it just depends on which people you happen to be.

Big CEOs 1

Little guys 0

Dr Mike

VERNON said...

Ms. McNish, the pension losses did not start with the recent downturn as you and your friend Harper keep promoting. This is a cover up to the fact that it really had it's beginnings on October 31, 2006 when the Harper lie not to tax Income Trusts was stamped in the hearts of over 2 million Canadians who had so diligently invested their hard-earned money. I have heard you repeatedly on BNN, since then support, the Flaherty excuses and cover-up, REGARDLESS of the many professional studies belieing the fact. When are you going to become an honest journalist instead of a Conservative hack? Ask Diane Francis how to go about it. She's the only one who gets it and has the courage to say so. If I can't trust you on this issue, why should I read anything you write with the assuredness that you know what you are talking about.

Bruce Benson said...

"Vernon" and "On the Water", you guys are absolutely correct. How many nest eggs were destroyed by Harper's Lies? Because of the lies, many people's retirement dreams were destroyed. The tax fairness plan was a fabricated hoax (double tax and double cross) in order to suck unknowledgeable people into their dirty plan to destroy the Income Trust market. Flaherty's justification was to provide 18 pages of blacked out documents. Is this the Honest, Open and Accountable government Harper promised when he was elected? So by destroying the Income Trust Market, who were the main beneficiaries? I suggest it was the Life Insurance Companies and Canada's Controlling Corporate Elite (CCCE). It was Income Trusts that were in direct competition to the Insurance companies so they had to be destroyed. To hell with the average Canadian Investor many of whom were seniors. This government supports Foreign Investors but Canadian Investors get to eat dirt. Mainly profitable Canadian owned Trusts were sold on the cheap to foreigners who won't pay a dime in tax. I suggest that the Globe and Jackie McNish are part of the cover-up and are guilty of enabling the CON's game of lies and distortion. From my vantage point, none of the facts are being made available to Canadians who are being kept in the dark. When Harper and Flaherty keep repeating the same lies often enough it now becomes the truth. Why doesn't the press does not call them on it? I suppose the reason is the press is run by the CCCE. A real shame and Canadians and democracy are the victims.

Dr Mike said...

Right on Bruce

Let us hope that the Globe has the cojones to revisit the income trust mess as rulings such as the Tax fairness Plan have severely damaged incomes of not only seniors but of any small investors seeking an income stream.

Cash earned also means taxes to be paid & as the trust investor was taken to the cleaners by Mr Harper & Mr Flaherty , gov`t cash flows have taken a massive hit--the ensuing buy-out of cheap trusts by private equity & foreign interests has further eroded Canada`s tax base.

This issue is one that must be revisited as all Canadians have been hurt & not just the trust investor.

Mr Harper made the right promise during the 2006 campaign , problem is , he did not have the balls to keep it.

Dr Mike Popovich
Rodney Ont