Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mark Carney: "Captive regulator" working on behalf of Goldman's clients to kill income trusts

Youtube tutorial on how the game is played

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Dr Mike said...

Wow---has that guy hit the nail on the head.

"Wall Street runs our gov`t".

Toss in Goldman & Power Corp , & they run ours as well.

I used to laugh at this stuff as being the junk for serial alarmists who were no more than a fringe to be discounted.


This is the stuff of reality & this reality is about to become even more entrenched.

The big questions is , how do we turn this around---can it be turned around.

I can say for certain , with the present crew in Ottawa & in Washington , this turkey has just begun to fly.

Local politicians are nothing more than shills for big business--sure , they get us a few tidbits , but on a national scale everything is done with the big CEOs in mind.

Toss us the crumbs , give the caviar to Desmarais & his kind.

Good luck to us ---with the present crew & with those in waiting , nothing will change.

We need just one hero who has the ability to unite Canadians in an effort to retake the control of our country -- If anyone has seen one out there , please let me know

Dr Mike Popovich