Thursday, October 8, 2009

Globe misquotes Euromomey. Falsely embellishes on source article

I was informed of the following by Will:


This is the original Euromoney Article. While it mentions Flaherty’s "surprise" Trust Tax decision, nowhere does it.... "praise the move as courageous" stated in the Globe article. Who injected that bit of misinformation?

Euromoney story

To which I responded:

At your instigation I have now read both accounts. That which appeared in Euromoney and the Globe’s account thereof.

You are absolutely correct is saying that Euromoney DID NOT "praise the move as courageous" as falsely professed in yesterday’s Globe.

Saying so is a total embellishment on the part of the Globe, who have been Flaherty’s main ally on the income trust matter since the outset, while providing ZERO proof to defend their fanciful and erroneous views about income trusts and their utter nonsense about tax leakage.

It has become abundantly obvious that the sycophant reporters and shills at the Globe know nothing about the concept of courage. Given that they, like Flaherty, regularly (or is it Regulyly?) engage in stabbing innocent people in the back (figuratively speaking) and propagating total blatant lies to the public, it’s only to be expected that they would wish to label such acts as “courageous?”

Whether or not Euromoney itself did, is apparently besides the point for these manipulators of the truth at the Globe.

The Globe has no integrity to speak of. This is but the most recent example.


Dr Mike said...

Either the Globe is trying to make their original stance look "better" or the Gov`t has been extending their influence with the press.

Either way , the Globe is nothing more than a compliant "rag".

I cancelled my subscription long ago.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Brent---the news media are the organizations by far the most resistant to external criticism.

Their arrogance is simply astounding. Why is that so? Is it because they have so much control over what people get to see and read--despite the growth of the Net.

It should not go unchallenged.

Keep trying.