Monday, October 5, 2009

Bravo Jack Layton

Layton was dead wrong on the income trust tax and blindly bought Harper’s line about tax leakage. Glad to see that understanding the effects of HST is within Layton’s intellectual grasp:

Layton says Harmonized Sales Tax is wrong, Harper would put 8 cents on dollar

(CP) – 10 hours ago

THUNDER BAY, Ont. — NDP Leader Jack Layton is taking his campaign for Employment Insurance reform to northwestern Ontario.
Layton was in Thunder Bay on a tour of the region on Saturday to meet with local workers and ask them what they need from the Employment Insurance system.
At a press conference he also discussed the possibility of a harmonized sales tax, and Layton said Prime Minister Stephen Harper would put eight more cents on the dollar.
Layton asked why the legislation has to go through the House of Commons in order for the tax to be passed if the HST is a provincial decision.
Layton said that the tax would not bring more jobs to Thunder Bay, but will do the opposite and reduce jobs because people will have less money.

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Dr Mike said...

Not only can Jack impersonate Tommy Smothers but he can impersonate a thinker once in awhile.

Unfortunately for the trust investors , his thinking prowess took a time-out that day.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said... against the government, Jack. Thank you for the majority. :)