Saturday, October 3, 2009

Could Harper have been any more emphatic in promulgating his lies?

Any more emphatic?... Youtube evidence

Any more devastating?...
Youtube evidence

Any more incompetent?

One-time income trust tax advocate Eric Reguly calls IT fallout a Disaster for Flaherty: This Youtube video is no longer available, courtesy of CTVGlobeMedia’s desire to rewrite history by expunging the record, instead you will have to settle for this video, about Albertan’s rage against Harper’s incompetence and lies:

Youtube evidence

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Dr Mike said...

When is a promise not a promise??

I guess when the top guy in the country says it is so.

A couple of days after the trust announcement , Harper got up in the HoC & said he did not promise not to tax trusts but only promised to protect senior`s incomes.

I wonder what part of "we will not tax income trusts" said that little goodie.

He was supposed to be the new accountable prime Minister.

I am surprised he does not have a bunch of swampland & bridges for sale.

Dr Mike Popovich