Monday, October 19, 2009

How many retirement nest eggs were destroyed by Harper's lies? What are the Liberals doing about it?

Broken Nest Eggs from Calgary writes in the Globe:

"Vernon" and "On the Water", you guys are absolutely correct.

How many nest eggs were destroyed by Harper's Lies?

Because of the lies, many people's retirement dreams were destroyed. The tax fairness plan was a fabricated hoax (double tax and double cross) in order to suck unknowledgeable people into their dirty plan to destroy the Income Trust market. Flaherty's justification was to provide 18 pages of blacked out documents.

Is this the Honest, Open and Accountable government Harper promised when he was elected? So by destroying the Income Trust Market, who were the main beneficiaries? I suggest it was the Life Insurance Companies and Canada's Controlling Corporate Elite (CCCE). It was Income Trusts that were in direct competition to the Insurance companies so they had to be destroyed. To hell with the average Canadian Investor many of whom were seniors.

This government supports Foreign Investors but Canadian Investors get to eat dirt. Mainly profitable Canadian owned Trusts were sold on the cheap to foreigners who won't pay a dime in tax. I suggest that the Globe and Jackie McNish are part of the cover-up and are guilty of enabling the CON's game of lies and distortion.

From my vantage point, none of the facts are being made available to Canadians who are being kept in the dark. When Harper and Flaherty keep repeating the same lies often enough it now becomes the truth. Why doesn't the press does not call them on it? I suppose the reason is the press is run by the CCCE.

A real shame and Canadians and democracy are the victims.


Anonymous said...

I often wonder why the press doesn't get after Harper for many things. They seem to waffle in him. I feel for lower income people who had a little nest egg in Income Trust.

Dr Mike said...

The thing that frosts my balls is the fact that this gov`t didn`t even care it caused this loss of savings or this loss of income.

I guess a 20 to 30 to 40 or even a 50% loss of savings meant very little.

They made the promise at campaign stops & in their election literature.

They made the promise even if the PM says that we misunderstood what he meant when he made it--it was our fault we misunderstood.

These guys are nothing but shysters & cowards enabled by the media & those big CEOs who made it happen.

What they did was unforgivable.

As a life-long Conservative (till Halloween 2006 that is) , I was embarrassed that my party would stoop so low.

Dr Mike Popovich

Gor said...

"What are the liberals doing it about it?"

Absolutley nothing. They would rather flip flop back and forth with their support/non-support/support enabling of this miserable government to save their own political skin rather then doing what is right and defeating it when they had the chance.

Anonymous said...

They even stole your party!