Thursday, October 8, 2009

More on Flaherty's Eurotrash award

Mr. Horwood,

I can only echo the sentiments expressed by Mr. Fullard in his letter to you below. The fact that your publication, for which I used to have considerable respect, named Flaherty "Finance Minister of the Year" shows how completely out of touch you are and undermines the credibility of your entire publication.

Flaherty's policies have weakened the tax base, created deficits out of surpluses, destroyed Canadian's retirement savings and undermined their faith in the entire democratic process. For this you are giving him accolades on a world-wide stage? It's unfathomable.


Neville Taylor


Bruce Benson said...

Well what can I say? It looks like Euormoney research is taking lessons from Canadian press. No brains, no accountability, no truth. The myth of a great Finance Minister continues! What a sad sad joke.

Dr Mike said...

Hey Bruce

I wonder what their criteria were when they made their decision.

If they were looking for the biggest friend of corporate Canada , the guy who can come up with a quick & decisive policy no matter the consequences , a guy who lied to the people of Ontario in a past life about a surplus , a guy who lied to Canadians in general in predicting surpluses for the next 4 years in a statement last fall , or a guy who thinks small investors are a waste of good money , then they have the right man for sure.

If that is the case they made the right choice as Jim sure fits the bill.

Baaa humbug , let them eat cake.

Dr Mike

Bruce Benson said...


It must be wee Jimmy's sweet Irish "Leper-Con" smile that has left most of Canada captivated. Behind the smiles are lies, deception and pure evil. If we can see it, why can't the rest of Canada? Ontario deficits were the first clue.