Monday, October 19, 2009

Harper's vanity cheque scandal requires a sanity check

This Vanity Cheque Scandal is the same mentality and partisan abuse of taxpayer's money that was behind the Sponsorship Scandal, especially given this.


hitfan said...

6 photos and you could only fine ONE cheque that had a Conservative party logo (I imagine a staffer made a mistake on that one).

Trying to link the tories to the sponsorship scandal? You guys claimed there was no scandal back then. Hypocrites, all o fyou.

“Listen, we are the government … I don’t see why we can’t try to get credit for what we do. I hope we do so. There is nothing to be ashamed in that."

-- Jean Chr├ętien, 2000

CAITI said...


One small flaw in your lame mistake us for Liberals, when in fact we are voters and taxpayers who seek to hold government to ACCOUNT.

Whatever that government might be. Unlike you, we don't set our moral compass to Jean Chretien or any other politician past or present. Unlike you, we aren't interested in a race to the bottom, where the lowest moral standard becomes the measure by which to conduct ones self.

This IS like the sponsorship scandal, or did you not read the embedded link to the story about the CON Senator whose company received stimulus money?

It appears you prefer pictures to words. Why am I not surprised?

Brent Fullard