Monday, October 19, 2009

Sheriff to Globe and Mail: Media Outlet May Be In On Balloon Hoax

The US has their Balloon Hoax. Canada has Harper’s Tax Leakage Hoax.....gleefully advanced by complicit news organizations with commercial reasons to mislead the public on income trusts, namely the Globe and Mail, CTVglobemedia, Torstar and Canwest Global. Some country we live in, where the media lies to the public on hard factual matters like tax leakage, providing the false justification for Harper to destroy $35 billion of Canadians savings and usher in a whole wave of foreign takeovers, simply because it serves the narrow self interests of those who control these media whores.

Sheriff: Media Outlet May Be In On Balloon Hoax

Monday, October 19, 2009

FORT COLLINS, Colorado — The story that a little boy had floated away in a giant helium balloon was a hoax concocted to land a reality television show, authorities said, and the boy's parents will likely face felony charges.

Investigators are examining the possibility of other conspirators, "including the possibility that even some of the media outlets may have had some knowledge about this," Alderden said.


Bruce Benson said...

Right on the money Brent! I have no idea on how to bring the press on board. It's pretty hard to generate a ground swell of support for our cause when we are being ignored. Canadians seem to be totally happy in their ignorance, I guess ignorance is bliss. If Canadians knew the truth, they would be screaming from the roof tops. Screaming Canadians and Income Trust Investors on the roof tops may generate some media coverage and we may get a little truth out. This reminds me, which came first, the Chicken of the Egg. I still wonder why so many Income Trust Investors have chose to do nothing and continue to sit on their asses. While Income Trust owners sit on their asses, the press will continue to be enabled, thus enabling the CON's to continue with their lies and betrayal.

Dr Mike said...

I thought we had one other hope , the Auditor General.

I thought it was the mandate of that office to make sure we had effective & fair tax policy.

I had pictured her as the "people`s" watchdog on gov`t mismanagement.

It turned-out that she was more lapdog than watchdog very similar to the Con-compliant media.

I wonder what Kevin Page is up to these days??

Dr Mike