Friday, February 12, 2010

80% of Canadians support Marshall Savings Plan for Budget 2010!

A nation-wide random telephone survey of 1,000 Canadians conducted by Environics Research between February 4th and 9th indicates the following levels of support for inclusion of the Marshall Savings Plan in Budget 2010 amongst identified voters:

Conservatives: 85.1%

NDP: 83.3%

Green: 82.6%

Liberal: 80.6%

Bloc: 75.3%

All respondents: 79.6%, accurate to within +/- 3.1% 19 times out of 20

Copy of full report available on request by emailing


Frunger said...

Yet when asked what the Marshall Savings Plan actually advocates, 87% of respondants had no bloody idea.

It's pretty tough to get a knowledgeable answer about something like this. I'm pretty politically aware and I haven't read the thing.

There's probably a higher than 20% of the population who doesn't know who the official opposition leader is, I doubt that 80% of the population know what the Marshall Savings Plan is.

I do think that 'Savings Plan' on it's own sounds like a good idea, and so people said 'Yah, that sounds like a great idea!"

Silly pollsters.

Brent Fullard said...


Are you for real?

In one breath you say "87% of respondants had no bloody idea."

and in the next breath you say:

"I'm pretty politically aware and I haven't read the thing."

Hello? Are you always this presumptuous and blind?

There were two questions that were asked. The first question had a "don't know" response level of 9% and the second question had a "don't know" response level of 18%.

Even if you added those two numbers together (and what king of idiot would?) you'd still have to multiply them by 3.2 times to get your moronic and fanciful argument that 87% don't know.

But then one sentence later, you admit that you don't know!


I think your credibility is at issue here, and certainly not the professionals at Environics Reasearch.

Brent Fullard

Daniel Miller said...

Mr. Fullard:

If you paid for that poll you are an idiot (I think that was established long ago).

I imagine most people thought you were talking about post WWII "marshall plan" or something that would give them savings.

They have no idea what this would do and who it would hurt. Stop playing games.

Frunger said...

The 87% number was pulled out of my posterior as a comment on how likely it is that the people being asked the questions had any idea what the Marshall Plan was.

If you sincerly believe that only 9% and 18% didn't know the answer the their questions then you are the foolish one.

People don't typically like to be taken as dumb, and when a stranger asks them a simple to answer "Do you like it or not" question to something unknown to them, it's easy to lie. If they asked an opened ended question or two to weed out those who 'have no bloody idea' you might get a reasonable result, but then it would be based on a laughably small sample size and useless to draw any conclusions from.

I don't question the credibility of Environics at all. I suspect they were given instructions as to what questions to ask, and I know they are not naive enough to think that if you ask questions about a detailed, not widely understood policy plan then you'll get an incoherant, hardly reliable sample of responses.

If someone pays you to do something stupid, you say "Thank you very much sir, how can I help you." and take their money.

If I cared to provide the funding, I'd bet you your website that I could ask 1000 Canadians whether it would be a good idea to include the "McNally Future Prosperity Investment Plan" in the 2010 Budget and get similar numbers.

It sounds like such a great idea, except that IT DOESN'T EXIST. Not that the average person would even know that. They could have changed "Marshall" to "Mathers" and the result would have been the same, except Eminem would get a little chuckle out of it.

Hope you thought it was money well spent.

CAITI said...


I have a piece of advise for you, whihc is do a little research before assuming the role of supposed expert.

You haven't even lifted finger to read the study and yet you seem to think that qualifies you as an expert on it.

You are pathetic in a way that the Environics study is not.

What a fool you are! Any chance you are related to Jim Flaherty?

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

Daniel Miller & Frunger , what is your factual assessment of the Marshall Plan??
What do you believe to be the cons??

Let`s have a few facts here rather than just a bunch of nonsense.

Nothing is ever gained in a non-factual discussion as all ideas get tossed out the window , the good & the bad.

What corrections would you want to see??

What do you like about it??

Be sure & thoroughly analyze it before you comment--the present discussion presents nothing constructive at all.

Why waste an opportunity that will never come along again.

Dr Mike Popovich

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