Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two tax cheats meet at G7 meeting at Iqaluit: Timmy and Jimmy

It’s no wonder that the world is in such financial chaos, as those charged with overseeing the global financial markets are more crooked than the people they are responsible for overseeing.

It’s also no wonder that Flaherty seeks to hide from the global public’s scrutiny by scurrying off to remote Iqaluit for his G7 pow-wow.

Did you catch the various shots with Jim Flaherty exchanging laughs with US Treasury Secretary Tom Geithner?

Maybe they were laughing about how they got away by not properly reporting on their income taxes.

Geithner over the non reporting to the tax authorities (who know report to him?) of revenue received by him when he was in the employ of the IMF and which meant he had purposely evaded $17, 230 in personal taxes after he was repeatedly told that this benefit he had received had to be included in his income for the year. See: Tim Geithner's tax evasion

And Flaherty over the non reporting to Canadians in his contrived tax leakage analysis of the the taxes that are collected from Revenue Canada at the average rate of 38% on the retirement income that is received on the 38% of trusts that are held in RRSPs and whose inclusion in any policy analysis is mandated by the rules of the Auditor General as well as the Parliamentary Budget Officer, and whose proper inclusion means that income trusts DO NOT cause tax leakage, and thereby there was NO policy justification for Flaherty’s trust tax that caused Canadians to lose $35 billion of their savings and which lead to the unnecessary takeover of 51 Canadians businesses worth $59 billion by foreigners and non taxable entities resulting in $1.5 billion of REAL tax leakage PER ANNUM.

See: http://caiti-online-media.blogspot.com/2007/04/to-finance-minister-flaherty-your-tax.html

Who do you think is the worst offender?

Tim Geithner who had to make up for his mistake by paying the government $17, 230, or

Jim Flaherty who has yet to confess for his sins and is being given the chance to absolve his sins by including the Marshall Savings Plan in Budget 2010

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Dr Mike said...

It sure is nice that Flaherty can laugh about the Trust mess.

He left a trail of devastation a mile wide as he wrecked havoc on an unsuspecting population that trusted his party when they promised not to slap them with a new tax.

There is nothing funny to be seen here at all Jim as you just tossed us to the corporate wolves & then forgot about us.

I just hope I will have the chance someday to talk to Jim in person again so that I can ask him why he did not consider me & all the others that were massacred that Halloween---did we not count in his world of corporate coziness---did we not have a right to real tax fairness.

Ooops , what am I thinking, as this is the same guy who thinks it is A-ok to tax stock options at the same rate as the money that I put out there at risk.

Jim & Tim , two peas in a pod

Dr Mike