Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Globe owes me an explanation

Mr. Phillip Crawley
Globe and Mail


Mr. John Stackhouse
Globe and Mail

Yesterday the Globe began a segment asking viewers for their views on what should be in the budget. The Globe said they would pick the top ten items for inclusion in an article about what should be in the budget. I and several others posted the Marshall Savings Plan for inclusion in Budget 2010 which is consistent with the wishes of 80% of Canadians according to an Environics Poll. I said as much on the Globe’s website. That was the second highest ranked comment on the Globe’s website as of last night, with 32 thumbs up and 1 thumbs down. See: here.

Today I awoke to these two emails:

Brent, a few of your comments have been removed!

Brent: Re: globe edit- what happened here? Moderator's Note: Brent Fullard's comment was not consistent with our guidelines and has been removed.

To which I responded:

Thanks. Looks like they deleted two of my comments, both of which had received widespread support from the Globe’s readers. Just shows you what we are up against! These were factual statements that I made. Nothing remotely derogatory. The Globe doesn’t want their readers to know the results of the Envionics Poll, but the Globe is more than happy to publish articles in which Ed Clark invokes what he professes Canadians want, but with no polls to back up those empty claims. Meanwhile I make claims that are backed up by polls and the Globe deletes such fact-based arguments as not meeting their guidelines. Hello! The Globe seeks readers views on matters of public policy, only to censor those that do not conform with its own narrow minded agenda. Just like the time that Eric Reguly wrote in the Globe that all income trusts “lobbyists” should be encased in concrete and thrown into Lake Ontario. The worst part was when he ended that piece by advocating that “they should not be listened to”. I guess this episode is the latest example of “they should not be listened to”, except in this case the Globe actually solicited our views, only to censor them!

The Globe owes me an explanation as to exactly what is meant by “Brent Fullard's comment was not consistent with our guidelines and has been removed.”, as this public statement is maligning to me as an individual when in fact the Globe is the guilty party by suppressing the results of the Environics Poll and the knowledge of Canadians’ widespread support for the Marshall Plan.

Please advise


Dr Mike said...

I get a sneaky feeling that there are more than a few in the media & a more than a few politicians out there that are hoping this income trust thing would just go away.

It has become not only an inconvenience for those who have found their positions indefensible but an embarrassment for many because of the tax leakage the tax has caused.

I wonder into which category the Globe finds itself.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Brent---another case of the revenge of the (establishment) gatekeepers--who are not accountable--except perhaps to the paper's shareholders.

The good news is that the the old line print media are in retreat in the face of the digital revolution.

Keep pushing your blog and website.
Also --ask the Globe *exactly* what guidelines you violated.

Never give in to these types. They set up their website to receive
comments--then censor the ones they don't like (even when no libel is
involved). Their arrogance--need I say--is palpable.


Frunger said...

It probably conflicted with their guidelines not to include advertisements. You have to tilt your head a little bit to justify it, but the poll you commissioned is essentially a paid 'advertisement' for your position. It was a poll that was not released publically by the pollster.

A little goofy, I agree, but I bet that's your reason.

Anonymous said...

Is there no freedom of speech left in this country? Is the media being controlled by a certain group of people who have one agenda? Their own? BB

Anonymous said...

Fuck the G&M!

Bruce Benson said...

Gee, this is just a tad familiar. I do remember, not so very long ago, the same censorship as practiced by the CBC when they removed our questions (and votes)that were supposed to be presented to the politicians. How sad when wide spread censorship is alive and well in Canada right from our public broadcaster through to the privately held press. Trusts are screwed and not many people care.