Friday, February 12, 2010

Last night's Ottawa radio interview on the Marshall Plan

Greg Hebert interviews Brent Fullard for an update of the Marshall Savings Plan and the Environics Research polling results that show 79.6% of Canadians support the Marshall Savings Plan for inclusion in Budget 2010.

Listen here


Anonymous said...

Excellent interview, Brent.
There is not much time left for input showing the mistake by Mr. Flaherty regarding tax leakage. I hope that this interview will be heard by many Canadians and that the outcome will lead to a more positive change in policy towards income trusts. Certainly, the Marshall Plan provides a face-saving, win-win-win situation for the investor, the government and the country. BB

Dr Mike said...

Two thumbs-up from the folks in Rodney--well done Boss.

Dr Mike & Mary Popovich