Sunday, February 14, 2010

Will Steve Colbert beat the entire Canadian media in exposing Harper’s income trust fraud?

Stephen Colbert of the Comedy Channel’s Colbert Report is coming to Canada to check out the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

No reason that he can’t expose Canada’s biggest scandal ever, while he's here for a couple of days, given the intense unwillingness of those in the Canadian media to do their jobs properly.

You might know Stephen Colbert, as he is the one who coined the term “truthiness” which was named Word of the Year for 2005 by the American Dialect Society and for 2006 by Merriam-Webster

A perfect example of the concept known as “truthiness” is tax leakage. Truthiness is something that has the ring of truth, but which is at its core, patently false.

This is where the Canadian media has profoundly failed in their duty to Canadians. Unlike Stephen Colbert, members of Canada’s media along with Members of Parliament are easily deluded by the use of truthiness concepts like tax leakage and are happy to internalize them as if they were the god given truth, when in fact they are nothing more than patent lies.

I think it would take Stephen Colbert about three nanoseconds to realize that something like tax leakage, that is being “proven” by the government by way of 18 pages of blacked out documents, that were subsequently demanded to be returned by the corrupt government that issued them, is probably a government scam in the making and that tax leakage is not anything resembling the truth, or even truthiness, but simply patent lie.

A patent lie that caused Canadians to lose $35 billion of their life savings at the hands of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, in no different a way than investors lost money at the hands of Bernie Madoff.

This sure would make for a great show, in which Steve Colbert scoops the entire Canadian media along with the CBC in exposing Jim Flaherty as Canada’s own answer to Bernie Madoff. It would be an expose of Olympic proportions!

Can’t wait. Does anyone out there have Stephen Colbert’s cell phone number? I need to get a hold of him, before the Canadian media gets to covering this story in a way that they have failed to since November 1, 2006.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, talk about beating a dead horse.

Fillibluster said...

Let me guess must he a member of the Canadian media who stuffed this BS about tax leakage down the throats of Canadians.

Which one of the lame ass Canadian media are you?

Eric Reguly of the Globe and Mail or Terry Corocoran of the Financial Post?

There are so many to chose from, and no doubt being the brave soul that you are, you would rather remain Anonymous.

Well done loser! Dead horse indeed....try taking a look in the mirror if you want to see a dead horse.

Brent Fullard

Emily Dee said...

I've read a bit on this and I know that when Harper reversed his decision not to tax income trusts it was pretty devastating to a lot of people.

But what do you mean by tax leakage and blacked out documents?

These guys are so shady. I was so happy when we got rid of the Harris government in Ontario and then didn't the worst of the lot show up in Ottawa.

Fillibluster said...

Emily Dee:

When Harper broke his promise to "never raid seniors nest eggs by taxing income trusts" he argued that "circumstances had changed" and that the conversion of businesses from corporations to trusts was causing a loss of taxes to the government, what is referred to as so called "tax leakage."

When asked to prove that tax leakage was for real, all Harper provided as "proof" was 18 pages of blacked out documents, which only helped proved what we already knew, which is that tax leakage is a contrived argument.


Brent Fullard

Emily Dee said...

Thanks Brent. Never give up fighting for anything. Keep making noise.

Unknown said...
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