Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blind eye NDP accuse deaf ear Cons

This facile and empty nonsense below is from NDP Finance Critic Thomas Mulcair, lover of blacked out tax leakage documents in his letter of today to co-conspirator Jim Flaherty, who together nuked $35 billion of seniors life savings based on their collective income trust fraud. Thomas Mulcair is a disgrace to to Canadian democracy and to the legal profession he claims to belong to. But he has the endearing support of Manulife Financial or whomever may have put the NDP up to this absurd income trust policy. Thomas: you remember Manulife don’t you? They are the people who I told you when we last spoke who almost went bankrupt by not hedging their Income Plus product that is so favoured by the NDP that was launched the very day after yours and Jim Flaherty’s income trust bombshell:

“We are also calling on the government to stop turning a deaf ear to the plight of seniors and pensioners in this country. New Democrats have been consistent in calling for the federal government to show leadership when it comes to ensuring retirement security for everyone. In the spring of 2009, all parties supported our legislative proposals to that effect. The government must act to address the pensions crisis by expanding the ability of Canadian individuals and businesses to invest in low-cost, secure, predictable public pensions through an enhanced CPP. In addition, amendments are needed in this budget to bankruptcy and creditor laws to finally ensure that pensioners are at the front of the line when businesses can’t meet their financial obligations. Right now, such a situation is devastating anxious workers of Nortel and AbitibiBowater who have been waiting too long for your government's overdue support.”


Dr Mike said...

Mulcair is nothing more than another hypocrite in MP`s clothing.

He drones on about helping seniors , but all the while he & his Dipper crew , aided in the mortal attack on senior`s savings with the TF Plan.

He , like all of the rest of them on the "Hill" , have completely forgotten about those hurt with this mess.

Mulcair , Layton , Duceppe , Flaherty & Harper caused irreparable harm & just shrugged it off as a "whatever".

These guys all suck for their lack of compassion & vision.

A hearty boo & a big "get stuffed" to them all.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

If the NDP actually gave a crap about their supporters they would be pushing for more legislation and transparency on products like Income Plus.
Or they would be working to prevent crappy investment companies (Investors Group, Primerica, bank advisors who refuse to discuss or show clients how to buy bonds or shares since they make so much more money off non-paying mutual funds and GICs)from targeting the working class people they supposedly work for. Regular people in the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's knew about markets, how they worked and how to do their own transactions. It is easier today with the internet, so why this fear culture on bonds, and shares?

I noticed an ad recently in my local rag ... looks like Investors Group is infiltrating the public library again. This time they targeting women. At least for this one our library isn't giving a speaker's fee or promoting the event. It was a use of space. Apparently a 3 year exclusive contract must be signed with Investors Group...

A 3 year contract for some douchebag to collect a fat commission and lose your hard earned money in the process, is what the NDP should be educating people about. They should be pushing and promoting full disclosure and real market education for the working class. Too many people, formerly factory workers, close enough to JF's riding, were sucked into Primerica and have gone bankrupt by age 40.

I also seem to recall Jim Flaherty either in '07 or '08 when shit was hitting the fan for the big 3 - suggesting factory workers pursue opportunities in the financial sector. Scary ...
I also don't recall a response from the NDP on that suggestion for those people. Even scarier ...

Hard to say if the NDP actually have any market knowledge (they might honesty be that stupid and CONS are taking advantage) or if they are being paid off and collecting donations from Manulie ...

Either way enhancing CPP is not going to solve anything long term.

For now we can assume a mix of stupidity and a pay off from who the NDP work for ... Manulie.