Thursday, February 4, 2010

New anti-Harper Facebook group reaches 16,000+ fans

Name of Facebook Group: Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Stephen Harper?

My posting upon joining:

Brent Fullard posts: Who makes for the better "trained economist":

(1) Stephen Harper?

(2) An onion ring?

(3) neither of the above?

(4) all of the above?

(5) LOL!

John Turner: Obviously - an onion ring!!

Michael Ploog: #2, all the way!

Jeremy Shields: #2 imo

Join Here!


Anonymous said...

over 18k now

CAITI said...

Can this Onion Ring get more fans than Stephen Harper?

Elizabeth Ann M: Wait a minute. Stephen Harper has fans?

Brent: Fans? Harper? Yes, shit hit the fans, type fans

Harper also has a lot of syco-fans in the press

sycophants: a person who acts obsequiously toward someone in order to gain advantage, a servile flatterer.

Dr Mike said...

Almost 21000 now---wow

I detest onion rings but I detest Harper more.

Go get em OR

Dr Mike

CAITI said...

Latest post by moi:

In view of Harper's dismal performance as Prime Minister, does this mean that Onion Rings will become the fourth official food group, along with meat, vegetables and dairy products?

Dr Mike said...

Does this mean that soon the onion ring will get to be our "new" PM??

We winnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Dr Mike