Tuesday, February 23, 2010

UPDATE The Globe owes me an explanation

Instead of explaining themselves, the Globe reinstated my original comment of:

Brent Fullard comments:

I should have added that the Marshall Savings Plan will generate $6 billion in tax revenue PER ANNUM and will therefore deal with Canada's deficit crisis while at the same time put the 75% of Canadians without pensions on a more level playing field in terms of investment choice with the 25% of Canadians with pensions and therefore addresses Canada's pension crisis.

In an Environics Research Poll of Feb 4 - 9 conducted via 1,000 random phone calls across the country, the Marshall Savings Plan has the support of 79.6% of Canadians, and support from Conservatives was the highest at 85% and the Bloc was the lowest at 75%.

See more details at MarshallPlan.ca

Diane Francis of the Financial Post called the Marshall Savings Plan "brilliant".

Is Flaherty capable of being "brilliant", while responding to the wishes of 80% of Canadians? Time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Better than nothing. It's unbelievable such censorship goes on in this supposed "democracy",


Dr Mike said...

The truth hurts maybe????

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

They delete sensible comments, but leave in some of the most hateful and idiotic comments from the freepers. The CBC does this too.

crf said...

Their editorialists and columnists have spent a long time fluffing for the government. It's painfully obvious things are worse in most areas of government responsibility.

So the Globe vaccillates between sheepishly admitting bits of this reality, and trying to push back against it by covering it up, or ignoring it. It's hard for the Globe to admit they were wrong.