Thursday, February 18, 2010


In its original form, this survey could only have been commissioned by someone like Ed Clark of the TD Bank. Notice the implicit threat of cutting health care and education to force the desired response on raising taxes, and the absence of a third option:

ANGUS REID FORUM presently in the field seeking feedback from Canadians

If you had to choose between one of these two, err three options, which one would you choose?

Please select one response only.

= Reduced government services (including health care and education)

= Higher taxes (including income and sales taxes)

= Neither of the above, as I support the Marshall Savings Plan as the way to preserve $6 billion in annual taxes that will maintain essential government services at present levels


Anonymous said...

The banks control the press . . .


Dr Mike said...

A poll like that leaves the people on the street demanding higher taxes.

What brilliant manipulation!!

Sounds like Tax Fairness all over again.

Man , these guys are good.

Dr Mike Popovich