Sunday, February 28, 2010

Harper's chances of being right are as good as Flaherty's were: 50%

We have a government who operates with the accuracy and mindset of the flip of a coin, except they never have to bear the consequences. We do.


Team Canada heading into Sunday's gold-medal match
The Canadian Press
February 27, 2010 ]

“Hockey nut Harper predicts Canadian win:


Income-trust crackdown: The inside story
Globe and Mail
Nov. 02, 2006

“You have to either leave it alone or fix it,” Mr. Flaherty shrugged Wednesday.

Post script: Any one with half a brain could have told Flaherty his income trust decision would end in disaster. The probability of that was 100%.


Dr Mike said...

“You have to either leave it alone or fix it,” Mr. Flaherty shrugged Wednesday.

Flaherty`s shrug about says it all as that was all the respect that he could afford the investor alright.

A shrug is synonymous with "who cares" , "so what" , "shit happens".

Thanks again Jim.

Dr Mike Popovich

CAITI said...

Hey Dr. Mike:

You must be a mind reader, as here’s how the article also describe Jim “Water off my back” Flaherty’s concern over nuking $35 billion of Canadians wealth:

“Mr. Flaherty knew it wouldn't be a popular decision in some quarters, but he was hardly exercised. After his announcement, he went straight into a meeting with the Tory caucus and, along with Mr. Harper, informed the group of the new rules.”


WesternGrit said...

They're both f'n morons... so who cares what they think? Just enjoy the game lads...

Have a good one!

Daniel Miller said...

Harper was right again!