Monday, February 1, 2010 for Budget 2010!

Visit the dedicated Marshall Savings Plan website today!


Dr Mike said...

Awesome look & easy to use.

Well done Brent.

Now all we need is for the politicians out there to get their act together & do something about the income trust mess rather than letting the rot continue.

It`s bad news when the public has to clean-up after them like this.

Dr Mike

Anonymous said...

Well folks, it’s that time of year that the MSM dance around the crux of the story when it comes to political parties prowess in fund raising, so here are the straight goods, the annual totals for the year 2009;

Conservatives $17,770,477

Liberals $8,109,489

NDP $4,039,104

Greens $1,166,874

Bloc $834,763

*totals arrived at from the quarterly filings at the Elections Canada Finance page.