Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Canada wins Olympic Gold in Hockey while Afghan guerrilla’s score goal on key military target

Independent War Correspondent Michael Yon stationed in Aghanistan reports via his Facebook page:

Michael Yon: There are appear to be no reports in MSM (or anywhere) that General Menard allowed a crucial bridge to be attacked only 10 minutes from one of the biggest bases in Afghanistan. The damage continues to greatly hinder our operations. Have people at home seen anything on the tube/headlines/airways about this? How can the ...MSM miss something that practically explodes off the page?
24 minutes ago

Michael Yon:
Turns out the commander in charge of the bridge is General Daniel Menard. Have sent questions to his office. Receipt has been acknowledged. Meanwhile, missions continue to be cancelled due to failure to secure that bridge. While troops were glued to the Olympic Hockey, the enemy was closing in on the real goal: Tha...t Bridge.

While some troops were wasting time fixated on the Olympics, 10 minutes away a major target was left vulnerable. If we can persuade the Taliban to play Hockey, or if we can learn to play their sport -- Guerrilla Warfare -- maybe we can score some points.

Our combat operations have been severely hampered. Confidence in this General cannot be high. If he cannot protect nearby targets of obvious significance, what next?


Anonymous said...

What does it matter as long as a bunch of millionaire ex-patriots who play hockey mostly in the USA win a game for boys.


CAITI said...


Yeah, I have a hard time getting too excited about pro’s pretending they are amateurs which probably explains why I didn’t watch the first three periods, but I was glad I didn’t miss the winning goal, which was quite impressive....in a true amateur thrill kind of way.

Meanwhile these military guys are losers if they let their guard down for such a predictable event as the game.

Oh well, Canada may have lost a key military asset in Afghanistan, but look on the bright side......Harper won a case of Obama Beer. Do you think he will go pick it up in person?