Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Harper's Seniors Day - October 31st?

Harper’s big gift to seniors is a seniors day. Whoop-dee-do! Does this mean they get the day off work?

I propose that October 31st be the day set aside for Seniors’ Day, as that's the day that will live in infamy when Harper raided $35 billion from seniors nest eggs in order to make seniors more captive to the inferior investment products of Harper’s LifeCo CEO buddies, like Manulife’s Income Plus, that Manulife failed to hedge, almost causing a “too big to fail” outcome for Canada’s largest lifeco.


Anonymous said...

There is already an International Day of Older Persons !!! Oct 1st !!!!!

Carolyn Bennett MP St. Paul's

CAITI said...

Carolyn: I guess that shows you how in touch Harper is with seniors! NOT.

Stephen Harper is all about tokenism, and no substance.


Dr Mike said...

Seniors day , eh.


I am still pulling the knives out of my back from Harper`s halloween 2006 celebrations.

What a bunch of baloney.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Cute and efficient Seniors could then take their grandchildren out on halloween and collect cash to replace lost income

Jim Travers

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Anonymous said...

As the architect behind the biggest fraud in Canadian political history, how about just a plain; 'Screw a senior day' on October 31st (?)
A day to try and relieve as many seniors of their remaining life's savings, in memory of '06...and to destroy a few more lives along the way...such fun!
Happy retirement in CONworld!!!