Thursday, March 11, 2010

Flaherty is a “Double Double”

You can count on Canada’s intrepid news media (not) , like Rosemary Barton of CBC, to uncover the most salient news aspect of Jim Flaherty’s $9,000 photo op flight to a London Ontario Tim Horton’s last week, which is that Flaherty likes his coffee as a “double double”.

Wow, is that ever extremely important information for Canadians to know and a reason why we should all tune in to CBC’s Power and Politics every day. I wonder when the CBC will ever awaken to the fact that Jim Flaherty also lies his tax policies as a “double double”. Tax policies like the income trust tax in which Flaherty double crossed Canadians by first promising to “never tax income trusts” and then concocted the totally fraudulent argument that income trusts cause tax leakage to delude all Canadians, including the sleepy CBC into thinking there was a justification for taxing income trusts, when in fact that argument is completely fabricated. As recently as February 26. 2010 on The National, the CBC continues to go out of its way to make that false argument on Flaherty’s behalf, even though the CBC has definitive proof that Flaherty’s argument is FALSE and FABRICATED. Having double crossed Canadians in this fashion and deluding news organizations like the CBC, Flaherty then uses the false premise that income trust cause tax leakage, which is fabricated by leaving out the taxes paid by RRSPs , and turns around and DOUBLE taxes RRSPs, but NOT pensions funds like the CBC Pension Fund. This is Flaherty’s real Double Double that Canadians need to be told about, and not sonething as facile as how he likes his coffee.

Why can Rosemary Barton of the CBC own income trusts in her pension plan and not pay the 31.5% tax and the 75% of Canadians like me with no pension to speak of can not, an pay a second tax of 31.5% when we hold the same income trusts in our RRSPs? Would the CBC be more attentive to this rip-off of a tax policy if they weren’t the ones receiving special carveouts, but were being royally screwed in the way that 75% of Canadians are? Does the fact that all news reporters in Canada, eg the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star etc, receive pensions explain why they have allowed the patent falsehoods advanced by the government on income trusts to go unchallenged and reported as if they were true, when in fact any cursory analysis would reveal that they are not?

Canada is the only country in which conspiracy theories like tax leakage go reported as if they were true, when in fact they are merely conspiracy theories.

RRSPs were created by a Liberal government in 1957 to create a level playing field between the 25% of Canadians like Rosemary barton and the 75% of Canadians without pensions. Michael Ignatieff should be screaming “bloody murder”. Instead we hear nothing from him about this and nothing from the CBC about the real double double news concerning Jim Flaherty, namely how he double crossed Canadians with his tax leakage LIE and double crossed Canadians by creating a two tiered pensions system in which CBC employees get to own income trusts tax free and 75% of Canadians, ie the Time Horton’s crowd, who do not.

When will the media and the politicians begin doing their respective jobs and start unveiling the gross lies and deceits and the gross unfairnesses of Jim Flaherty’’s Tax “fairness” Plan, or are they not willing to take this intellectual corrupt politician on, thereby doubke crossing their responsibilities to Canadians? Over to you Evan Solomon and Rosemary Barton, and Michael Ignatieff, if you think ushering in by stealth a two tiered pensions system that undermines the very nature upon which RRSPs were created 50 years ago by a Liberal government is a bad thing......or not?


Dr Mike said...

I am sick & tired of the Jim Flaherty`s of the world portraying themselves as the "everyday Timmie`s man".

If it wasn`t for the flight engineer on the $3100. flight from Ottawa & 6 well-paid boy scouts on board , he would never have found the donuts & coffee.

Get lost Jim.

Off to Starbuck`s where you belong.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget Flaherty's own pension plan.  It will pay him more than chasing ambulances I bet.


Anonymous said...

Time to axe all funding from CBC. These people don't deserve one red cent of a pension.

Maybe then we will get some news and reporters will no longer tow the corporate line.