Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where’s Ruby Dhalla’s private member's bill for the Marshall Savings Plan?

Above (click to enlarge) is a letter that I just received for some reason from Ruby Dhalla in defense of her private member’s bill that will grant generous benefits to new Canadians who are retired. Ruby employs the argument that this measure (at considerable cost to taxpayers, I might add) will “lift almost 30,000 seniors in Canada out of poverty and ensure that all seniors in Canada are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve”.

Without commenting on the merit of Bill C-428, I have to ask myself where is Ruby Dhalla and the Liberal Party on the Marshall Savings Plan that will prevent some 2.5 million Canadians from becoming ever more reliant on Canada’s overburdened social system and will undoubtedly prevent a lot more than 30,000 seniors from being cast into poverty for the sole purpose of allowing Manulife, Sun Life and Great West Life to sell more of their retirement investment products.

It’s a good thing these life insurance companies and the bandits that run them aren’t in the life preserver business rather than the life insurance business, as they would probably be going around and drilling holes in the bottom of people’s boats in order to create artificial demand for their products, as they did when they had Harper kill income trusts at their bespoke behest. Come to think of it, they would once again only have to go to the Harper government to create artificial demand for their product and the Harper government would be the one , who under the cover of darkness would be going around and drilling holes in people’s boats, or as Michael Ignatieff once called it “vandalism”.

Speaking of Michael Ignatieff, I am not sure where Michael Ignatieff is these days on the matter of Harper vandalizing $35 billion of Canadians retirement savings and sinking people’s retirement boats for the life insurance industry? There is an eerie silence about the Liberals and the Marshal Savings Plan, that would almost give you the impression that the Liberals think they can just ignore it and not be tied to the outcome that ensues when the trust tax takes its full hit on 2.5 million Canadians’ standard of living and the Liberals did NOTHING at that critical point of time circa Budget 2010 when disaster could have been averted had the Liberals done something and thrown 2.5 million Canadians a life preserver.

Give your heads a shake. The Liberals will be as responsible for the damage that will unfold from this point forward, as if they had done it themselves, for the simple fact that they will have done it themselves, if they decide to do nothing while Ruby Dhalla is busy attempting to have taxpayers fund Bill C-428 at great cost for nothing more than charitable (and political) reasons, while income trust investors are pleading for the chance to keep sending Ottawa $6 billion a year so they can be self sustaining rather than free loaders.

Remind me again who it was who said ““Do you think it is easy to make priorities?” , except in this case it should be like falling off a log for the Liberals to get behind the Marshall Savings Plan for Budget 2010, especially given the political downside of not doing so, and the huge political upside of doing what 80% of Canadian have already said they want to see in Budget 2010. Name one other initiative that the Liberals are pursuing that has support from 80% of Canadians......Ruby Dhalla’s Bill C-428?


Dr Mike said...

I am all for helping the less fortunate but shouldn`t the welfare of Canadians be the priority??

I guess in the minds of politicians , it is the votes that come first.

What a dope ----What was I thinking.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Implement the Marshall Plan then consider this bill C-428.

Anonymous said...

Hell, where is the private member's bill for the Marshall Plan from any of those bozos on the hill? Somebody could look like a damn hero!


CAITI said...


No heroes on the Hill. Just villains and beauty queens like Ruby.


Dr Mike said...

There are no heros there ---- just "hoes" & assholes

I once asked Garth Turner to his face about ending the double taxation of dividend income within RRSPs & he said it was too complicated---John McCallum gave Brent the same answer last Thursday night when he bought up the Marshall Plan.

Either these clowns are idiots & don`t understand a thing or they are very happy with the status quo


By this time Friday we will know our fate.

Dr Mike Popovich

Schultzter said...

Seriously, every time the Income Trust Disaster comes up it's the most (un)popular subject. Every poll (ex.: G&M), suggestion board (ex.: Lib web sites), etc. has this as their NUMBER ONE ISSUE!!!

But short of hanging Iggy out his office window by his ankles I don't think there's any other way to get him (or the Libs) to mention Income Trusts!!!

Why don't they take this issue seriously?