Friday, March 5, 2010

Two words: Job Blackmail

Subject: Re: The Star's James Daw attempts to defend Jim Flaherty's blatant self dealing, while covering up Flaherty's patent lies

Dennis: Two words describe what’s going on here.....job blackmail.....a concept I first became aware of when listening to a speech by Elizabeth May in Oshawa, talking about the battle she was part of to eliminate acid rain in Ontario and the absurd lengths that people, including those in the press, would go to to advance their employer’s lies. If people like James Daw would have been allowed to prevail, there would be no fish in the lakes of Ontario, or income enough to retire on, take your pick.

Christ! Brent - the guy writes for the Star - do you really think that people who want to know the truth read the Star?!? I think there was a UFO article on page 2 of the business section!!

Now if he throws himself out as an expert - that is laughable - otherwise pick a battle worth winning . . . Way more important fish to fry. Interestingly though - it does reveal the lengths to which the misinformation mechanization can go to achieve an end. Every little rag will be utilized to propagate the lie - if you hear it enough then you begin to believe the narrative . . . The glass of Kool-Aid seems so cold, so satisfying - must - - - have - a - - - - - -drink!

I'm starting to believe that people enjoy being screwed by this government whether they get it explained to them just how badly its happening or not!!



Dr Mike said...

It is deja vu all over again.

Reminds me of the CBC , CTV , Globe , National Post & assorted others.

As I say , deja vu all over again.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling Mr. Fullard and CATI is about to be sued.

Anonymous said...

The Star ... LOL.

I read in their "our shares are up" announcement their plans to keep the price up, is to axe a good chunk of ToStars editors.
Since they are into doing housecleaning and have no respect for any of their staff or contractors, I think we all know where they can start with those firings.

Hmm what goes around comes around? Maybe time to pull that German term out again?