Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flaherty grants CBC a temporary reprieve, based on its continued cover up of his income trust lies

Flaherty is able to use the threat of “transfer payments” to the CBC to get Canada’s only public broadcaster to cover up his income trust lies (on shows like the LOL Exchange and that faux investigation by Havard Gould on The National in a segment that was supposed to be “Ask the Politician a question” but came off more like “Allow a politician to reinforce his lie”) in the very same way that he was able to get 10 Provincial Finance Ministers to dutifully send letters “on demand” that were supportive of his income trust policy in the days immediately before the Public Hearing on Income trusts and while they were all in the middle of negotiating the provincial transfer payments for the first time with a newly elected Conservative government .

Little did they know it, but self centered concerns over transfer payments to the provinces and to the CBC have become the means by which Flaherty was/is able to suppress his lies about tax leakage and continue his raiding of 2.5 million trust investors nest eggs, robbing them of $35 billion of their life savings and essential investment choice for retirement that was predicated solely on Flaherty’s patent lie about tax leakage

Canada has demonstrated itself to be a country rife with people in positions of trust who are readily compromised and proving themselves not worthy of the public’s trust and demonstrating themselves as completely lacking in moral integrity. Canada has become a country driven by fear rather than facts. What path will these people’s easily bartered for compliance ultimately lead us down? Who will be the person of morality and conviction to stop this process and prevent Canada sliding deeper into the gutter created by the likes of Jim Flaherty? That person has yet to emerge.

Stealing $35 billion of Canadians life savings, the majority of whom are seniors, and dramatically reducing their standard of living and causing many of them to lose their homes and their hope, based on a patent lie is about as bad a situation as I can imagine, shy of false imprisonment. Those involved in this cover up have brought great shame to themselves, to their profession and to their country. Those who stand idly by who are in possession of the true facts are as guilty of this cover up as those who actively promulgate this lie. You are complicit in your silence and you inaction, as those who are actively engaged in Flaherty’s patent lies. Your numbers are legion. Your complicity a disgrace.

We have a grossly deceitful an incompetent finance minister who runs this country like a three ring circus and the spineless individuals who are in positions of authority are his trained seal, whose idea of a penetrating question is “How high do you want me to jump”?

You are all a disgrace to your respected professions and the positions of trust you occupy. None more so that the CBC and the propaganda that the CBC allows Amanda Lang and Kevin O”Leary to spout on a regular basis on their LOL show and that recent piece of propaganda by reporter Havard Gould that would have done Goebbels proud, as the CBC completely censored those who had definitive information that would have been devastating to Canada’s Lying Finance Minister, but instead the CBC went out its way to broadcast his patent lies about tax leak without interruption, along with the CBC’s sign off message to the effect “Income trusts investors’ pursuit is futile, we have decided to sell them down the river in order to save our own souls, while compromising every one of our Journalistic Standards in the process:

CBC safe from asset review this year: Flaherty

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CBC News

Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty during question period in the House of Commons on Tuesday. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

The federal government isn't reviewing the assets this year of the department that oversees the CBC, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said Tuesday, amid media reports that an auction of the the public broadcaster and other Crown corporations is in the offing.

A report Monday by Canwest News Service citing documents obtained from the Department of Finance said Ottawa has flagged the prominent Crown corporations as "not self-sustaining."

The Globe and Mail also reported the government is looking at all of its holdings, quoting a government source as saying, "Everything's in."

During Tuesday's question period, opposition parties seized upon the reports of a wide asset review in Ottawa of holdings such as the CBC, VIA Rail and the Royal Canadian Mint as the government contends with record deficits.

The opposition MPs accused the government of setting up an ideological "hit list" to auction off the Crown corporations under the guise of economic necessity.

“Now we learn every asset is on the Conservatives’ chopping block,” Liberal MP David McGuinty told the House.

"You might as well hang a billboard on the peace tower that says, 'Fire sale,'" New Democrat MP Pat Martin said.

Responding in the House of Commons, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty replied that the January budget clearly identifies which federal portfolios are subject to asset reviews.

"Heritage Canada is not one of the departments that are being reviewed this year; that is set up in the budget," he said. The department oversees the CBC.

The minister defended the reviews — which he said are being performed on his own portfolio, Finance, as well as Indian and Northern Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure — as "prudent business management."

“We want to make sure that government assets still perform a useful function for Canadians that original purpose is being maintained and that tax dollars are being spent wisely," Flaherty said.

Last week, the federal government announced it is restructuring Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., a Crown corporation, and may sell a stake in its commercial reactor division.

In November, when Flaherty first announced the government was mulling an asset sale to balance the budget and avoiding a deficit, he ruled out an auction of the CBC, which draws $1 billion annually from the federal budget.

Flaherty admitted last week that the federal deficit will soar to more than $50 billion this fiscal year as the global recession wreaks havoc on the government treasury.

January's federal budget predicted five years of deficits with a shortfall of $64 billion over the next two years — a figure that will now climb to more than $80 billion. Just two months before that, the government was touting years of surpluses in its fall economic update.

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Dr Mike said...

The more things change , the more they stay the same as every conflict involves money or religion or perhaps both.

The income trust mess has a money trial a convoluted mile long.

The CEOs & the gov`t wanted more money to fund their reckless spending habits so they went looking for a target---who makes a better target than a bunch of old geezers , something all scammers learn early on.

The provinces & territories wanted to at least keep what money they had so they did what Jim Flaherty requested & supplied him with letters of compliance.

The pension funds wanted a piece of the pie so the gov`t allowed them to have our piece tax free.

The money is the thing.

They all have it & now we don`t.

Dr Mike Popovich

John said...

Get over it!

Dr Mike said...

Thanks John for your thoughtful insight.

Be sure & come back again when you come up with another of those thought provoking zingers.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...


Re: "Get over it!"

Dynamite advice. Just not sure what you meant by "it"?

Did you mean, get over:

(1) the fact that the governmebt lied to all Canadians about tax leakage?

(2) the fact that Canadians lost $35 billion of their life savings fore no good reason? or

(3) The fact that the CBC along with virtually all of the Canadian media are shills for big business?

Please advise, as I am not quite sure what I am being asked to get over?

Brent Fullard