Thursday, March 4, 2010

Message from Liberal MP Paul Szabo

From: Paul Szabo
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2010 15:50:57 +0000
To: Brent Fullard
Subject: MSP

FYI. This morning I rose in the House to seek consent for the following motion:

In view of the fact that there is no justification for the imposition of the 31.5% tax on income trusts that the government take all necessary steps to introduce and implement the Marshall Savings Plan.

Unanimous consent was requested but denied by the Conservatives.

It takes a few days to get the MSP petition certified before it can be presented to the House but I will do it asap.

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Anonymous said...

YAY Paul!


Anonymous said...

Well well there is sanity in the world after all !!.

Zabo is a man of guts and reminds me of a football game, with 52 seconds left in the fourth quarter,
4th down and 15yards for a first down and your down by 4 points
and Dan Marino is your quarterback,..... hut hut !!!! :

Result is ???

great great stuff Brent the genius and your best MP I know...hint hint ... !


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Mr. Szabo. Thank you for your efforts to bring the Marshall Plan to Parliament. It will certainly help to improve the economy in Canada. BB

Anonymous said...

Paul Szabo: My favorite MP!


Big Winnie said...

I wonder if the Liberals will bring this up during an Opposition Day...At least, it's on Hansard (or it should be) that the Conservatives are against The Marshall Plan.

Dr Mike said...

What frosts my "nackers" is that my Con MP presented the Marshall Plan to the PM & Jim Flaherty on our behalf & it appears that he must have voted against the motion.

If he thought it was good enough to present , why was it not good enough to implement.

I hate these follow your leader votes.

I thought these guys worked for us & not for the party.

Am I ever a naive dufus.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...


Thank you ..........Perry

CAITI said...

Thank you for the kind words. I cannot imagine anything as mean-spirited and unethical as running an election promising not to tax income trusts and then breaking that promise without providing any legitimate justification. As a Chartered Accountant, I made a living based upon the reliability of my word and my integrity. I believe that Canadians should also expect the same from their Government. I am so sorry that so many people were hurt by the this unethical government and I will not give up trying to correct this wrong to the greatest extent possible.


Paul Szabo MP