Friday, March 5, 2010

Paul Szabo Marshalls support against Harper’s fraud against seniors

If Ignatieff is truly a leader who can be trusted then he can start demionstrating that to all Canadians by exposing Harper’s outright fraud against all Canadians taxpayers and the 2.5 million Canadians who nest eggs were raided by Stephen Harper’s and Harper’s lies about tax leakage, and get behind this motion by Paul Szabo to adopt the Marshall Savings Plan in a BIG’s the surest way for Ignatieff, languishing in the polls, to become the new Marshall in in Prime Minister of the people, rather than Prime Minister of Bay Street which is the dead end route that he presently attempting to head down. Canada already has a Prime Minister of Bay Street and his name is Stephen Harper. Why would Ignatieff think out-pandering to Bay Street will win him the highest office in the land? Ain’t going to happen. Which is why Ignatieff better start exposing Harper’s fraud about tax leakage and start representing the interests of average Canadians who were lied to and stolen from by Stephen Harper and his band of CON-artist thugs.

From today’s Financial Post:

MSP On the same day that Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, delivered the 2010/11 federal budget, Paul Szabo, a Liberal backbencher, rose in the House to seek consent for the following motion: In view of the fact that there is no justification for the imposition of the 31.5% tax on income trusts that the government take all necessary steps to introduce and implement the Marshall Savings Plan.

Szabo was rebuffed, because while unanimous consent was requested, it was denied by the Conservatives.

(The MSP is explained at But Szabo plans to get the MSP petition certified before presenting it to the House.


Dr Mike said...

While Iggy appears to have a "brain fart" for a friend , our man Paul has it all together.

Mr Szabo is a champion for the little guy while Iggy continues down that time honored road which leads to the pockets of the mighty rich.

It certainly appears that many of the politicians on the "Hill" have lost sight of the fact that they work for all of us.

It also certainly appears that Paul Szabo is not one of them.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

Mr Szabo

Thank you

Mr Szabo should be the Finance Critic or Pension Critic or heck since his leadership skills are A+++, he should be the outright Liberal Leader.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Szabo for doing your job and not just towing the party line. Real leadership.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Szabo,
I am a Laurier member of the Liberal Party. I have watched Parliament daily for years, not just the Question period.I have observed you on the Committe with Mr Screiber and Mr Mulroney... an unequal contest at best! I was very impressed, and still am by the eminent goodness and civility that you show when others do no such thing. I also have been watching you raise the Income Trust Issue after Question period both in the last sitting of Parliament and now as you are trying to level the playing field and redress the terrible injustice done by Mr Harper. I say this as this Govt. is a one man band... I have witnessed the devastation caused by the conservatives and their rank indifference to the Income Trust issue. No remorse at all! They have a lot to answer for
re the Afghanistan Committee hearings, I hope the Committee are inviting Janice Gross Stein as a witness and Eugene Lang over the book which they co wrote... This is a revelation as to why Canada was there in the first place and addresses the egregious behavior of quite a few [people concerned with this issue. For anyone wanting to know the answers to the reasons for the Afghanistan debacle, please read this book 'The Unexpected War, Canadians in Khandahar'. Once again thankyou Mr Szabo for your intervetion yet again in trying to right the Income Trust debacle...Josephine M. Laxton

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul!