Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anthem lyrics is a hot button issue!

I have a few suggestions of my own:

O Canada!
Our home and restive land!
True patriot love in all that Harper commands

With grieving hearts we see thee rile
The True North redacted and withheld

From farce to fraud,
O Canada, our corporate guards stand on thee.

God keep our glorious stock options tax free
O Canada, CEOs stand on the backs of thee.


Larry said...

Pretty tacky

Anonymous said...

Wow, who knew a finance dude was so skillful in the art of protest poetry?

You have captured our sentiments exactly for what is going on in this country these days.

Anonymous said...

These guys will stop at nothing to deflect attention from their own incompetence.


CAITI said...


Doesn't work, as their incompetence is as inescapable as their "look shiny object over there" intent is obvious


Anonymous said...

Instead of

"On all our sons command"..

"abortions on demand"

CAITI said...


Tacky indeed! But you were referring to the government's crass and obvious move to deflect attention away from issues more pressing as being "tacky"......weren't you?

Brent Fullard

CAITI said...


We don't usually get losers of your calibre here on this blog. So you are saying that woman do not control their own reproductive rights?

Let me are male?

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

Not at all. I am all for pro choice to a point.

It just seems that Liberals are bragging internationally that we are the only civilized nation without any abortion laws at all.

It is not just women that get abortions. Girls do as well.

Do you support selective abortions based on gender?Third trimester abortions?
If so fine.

Personally I would hope a women would have more respect for her bodies than that. But hey I guess that since you think I am a man I am not entitled to an opinion.

John Schijns said...

DO NOT SCREW WITH THE ANTHEM YOU IDIOT! This is not funny at all!!!

We need to get together and start talking about this important issue. Save O'Canada!

CAITI said...

John Schijns:

You seem like a really reasonable person.....NOT.

When would you like to get together with this IDIOT to discuss changes to the anthem, given that you consider this to be an important issue?

Or was your comment of "DO NOT SCREW WITH THE ANTHEM YOU IDIOT!" directed at Harper who seems to be the only "IDIOT" that I know of who wants to SCREW WITH THE ANTHEM?

Please advise.

Brent Fullard