Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please freeze our salaries Stephen Harper

If freezing 308 MPs salaries is considered Harper’s “big fix” to balancing the country’s fiscal hole that Harper got Canadians into, then I know 2.5 million Canadians who are more than willing to freeze their salaries in the form of the income they receive from their investment in income trusts, rather than having the government force these investors out of these investments on the false premise of tax leakage in less than a year’s time. Unlike freezing MPs salaries, which is nothing more than a token measure like Harper’s idea of a “seniors day” it will generate ZERO in the way of tax revenue for the government, whereas the concept of freezing income trust investors income from income trusts will assure the government of $6 billion of annual tax revenue.

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Dr Mike said...

I was told by my Conservative MP that the gov`t is starved for cash as both the personal & the corporate tax dries-up.

The Marshall Plan is offering to free up cash hidden within RRSPs to gov`t annual taxation.

So what is to think about here--they need cash & we are offering it.

So get with the program & implement the Marshall Plan.

Dr Mike Popovich