Wednesday, March 3, 2010

CBC: Canard Broadcasting Corporation

There is little doubt about it. Taxpayer funded CBC has turned itself into the Canard Broadcasting Corporation and is engaged in a full frontal assault along with the Harper government of screwing 2.5 million Canadians out of their retirement nest eggs and depriving Canadians of an essential profit sharing investment choice called income trusts that had nothing but good to be found in it for all Canadians, save and except for the elite membership of the CCCE, whose grasp now extends to controlling the news content of the CBC, the last vestige of hope in Canada’s corporately owned and controlled media world.

The CBC is accomplishing this nefarious end, by broadcasting things to its viewers that are patently false and the CBC has every reason to know are patently false.

The CBC has now reduced itself to being a broadcaster of patently false canards like “income trusts cause tax leakage”, or “income trusts were a bubble” or the conversion of BCE was going to mean less taxes for Ottawa when in fact it would have meant billions in more taxes as an income trust. The term canard is defined as “a false or misleading report or story, especially if deliberately so.”

This is what the CBC is actively engaged in with their reporting on income trusts. Just tune into any edition of what I call the LOL Exchange (Lang O’Leary) and you will hear the patent falsehoods advanced by the Sarah Palin of Bay Street Amanda Lang cycle through her repertoire of false canards about income trusts, while grossly commercially conflicted Kevin O”Leary sits back and smiles knowing that every worried income trust investor means one more person that he can exploit by getting them to tender their tired old income trusts into his O’Leary Funds so he can make a fee stream from their CBC induced misfortune.

Then there is the recent piece of “journalism” by Havard Gould of the CBC that was supposed to be a rare occasion when the CBC ostensibly allowed viewers to “Ask a politician a question” that in the end entailed no question being asked and no politician being held to account. Instead Havard Gould and the sycophants at the CBC decided to trot out all the false canards about income trusts from 2006 and give them another spin around the block, as if not knowing that every one of those Toyota arguments had been recalled a long time ago by experts on the matter as being totally defective and erroneous.

The abuse that Canadians taxpayers is suffering at the hands of the CBC on the matter of income trust is immense. The CBC has turned a complete blind eye to the irrefutable facts of the situation and instead resorted to broadcasting false canards and outright falsehoods. Meanwhile every one of these people working at the CBC is in a position of conflict of interest on at least one level, Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary on at least two levels, for the simple fact that Amanda Lang and Havard Gould and every other full time employee of CBC can own income trusts via their CBC Pension Fund and not pay the 31.5%, whereas 75% of Canadians can not and have to pay the 31.5% tax. The CBC Pension Funds has had large positions in privately held income trusts in the past and there is no reason to think they won’t again in the future or even the present, given the lack of full disclosure of their pension fund holdings.

Meanwhile we have the CBC going out of its way to provide some measure of justification for Flaherty’s unwillingness to be held to account and be transparent over his FALSE allegation of tax leakage, since he was unwilling to do so on camera, so some creative soul in the CBC goes and gets some stock footage of Flaherty repeating the canard that the tax was predicated on “fairness”.

Fairness? What a complete crock of nonsense to think this policy is about fairness, no more a crock than to think the CBC is anything but the government controlled Canard Broadcasting Corporation.

I would like Amanda Lang and Havard Gould to defend themselves against the proposition that this policy is anything remotely “fair”, given that the both of them can own income trusts via the CBC Pension Fund and not pay the 31.5% tax, whereas I can not do the same in my RRSP, especially when the very reason that a Liberal government created RRSPs in 1957 was to eliminate what the Finance Minister of the day called an “invidious” situation where some Canadians were being allowed choices fro retirement savings that others were not.

How can the exact same fact pattern be considered “invidious” in 1957 and “fair” in 2010. Oh yeah, dumb me, CBC doesn’t do “fact patterns”, just false canards as it’s the Canard Broadcasting Corporation, conflicted on so many levels its become a joke. A joke that needs to be held to account in the manner that it is too spineless to hold the government of the day to account.....over the theft of $35 billion of retirement savings from 2.5 million Canadians.....based on Flaherty’s PATENT LIE about tax leakage


Dr Mike said...

My big question to Amanda & anyone else who tries to tell us that tax leakage is a fact , how do you know this is true.

Have you seen what is on those blacked-out pages.

I certainly doubt it as they are "parliamentary privilege of cabinet" & as such are not to be viewed by anyone but the inner sanctum.

So to people like Amanda , quit blowing smoke as you don`t know any more than the rest of us & for that reason you should be as pissed-off as we are.

Dr Mike Popovich

Anonymous said...

LOL Exchange,

There is no more excuses for the
LOL Exchange they have a one hour show. This is a dinner show which they can hear Kevin talking about cockroaches, takeout the knife and slice slice staff to lean out companies then sell to the highest bidder, and payme daddy ...yadayada.
The half hour show was a farce now with this hour show there is much more time to devote themselves to the income trust issue.

I am no producer, but the PDAC show will be on in Toronto starting next week, send Amanda there for two days and bring CAITI on the LOL Exchange to discuss the issue with Kevin and Amanda will report the next mining story.

Sounds good to me !!!


CAITI said...

CBC Employees = No skin in the game = bendover journalism

penlan said...

Has everyone forgotten that Harper appointed a Con supporter as head of the CBC a year or so ago - maybe 2 yrs. ago?

I noticed a big change in reporting after that & a change in the anchors throughout the day & evening on CBC NN - mostly slanted/biased towards Harper & I believe the reason is because of the CBC Prez.

Anonymous said...

CBC : Canadian Broadcorping Castration?