Friday, February 20, 2009

Absurdly, John Ivison attempts to make a virtue of Harper's income trust tax lie

Question for John Ivison of the National Post:
How virtuous is it of Stephen Harper to have lied to Canadians about the alleged tax leakage of income trusts, and to have fabricated the basis for making such claims? How virtuous is it for Harper to cause Canadians to lose $35 billion of their hard earned savings, based on the patent falsehood of tax leakage? Numbers don’t lie, just corrupt politicians and the incompetent Canadian media.

Here’s what John Ivison thinks constitutes "leadership”:

Mr. Harper has not exactly been a model of consistency in recent months, but he has proven over the long haul that on issues from the taxing of income trusts to the Quebec-as-a-nation motion, he has made tough decisions, faced up to his critics and argued them down.

Michael Ignatieff may be a “smart set intellectual,” as The New York Times says, but does he have what it takes to make the tough decisions?

National Post

Perhaps the better question to ask is “Whether Ignatieff has what it takes to expose Harper’s lies?", since the media are certainly lacking in that regard.


Anonymous said...

Typical NP viewpoint of all that is Liberal.

Well John you are fudging the truth about income trusts.

To this day, 2 years 3 months and 20 days Harper has NEVER justified or proven 'tax leakage' as justification for taxing income trusts.

Once a liar always a liar with the Asper family happily supplying the stage.

by Louroberts

Anonymous said...

Wrong on Income Trusts John.

Stephen Harper has never shown his numbers to prove the tax leakage case probably because he has no numbers

Instead we get this, which is no proof at all.

by TCa46

Anonymous said...

"he has made tough decisions, faced up to his critics and argued them down"

Let's think about that:

18 blacked out pages is a supporting argument for tax leakage?

Running to the GG to save his ass is facing up to his critics?

Breaking his election law was not a tough decision

Bribing for a vote seemed easy enough...suing the Liberals was arguing them down?



WesternGrit said...

"18 blacked out pages is a supporting argument for tax leakage?"

- They can't even lie right. In the US, they would have told us the blacked out pages were a "national security matter"... lol... I guess in Harper's case, its: "The blacked out pages covered up my lies" (to be written in a "hostile biography" at some future date, by some author that does the ground work)...

Dr Mike said...

The media drones on about Harper being decisive & making the tough decision when it came to income trusts.

It is one thing to be decisive & tough & quite another to be correct.

Who was more decisive & tough than George Bush when he stormed Iraq in order to curtail the WMD.

Need I say anymore.

Dr Mike.