Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama, single handedly, provides solution to Canada's biggest embarrassment.

They say that the open palm gesture is a sign of good faith and honesty. It also serves to hide the embarrassment known as Stephen Harper, who is anything but a person of honesty and good faith.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful shot. Flawless. Well composed. This is a great example of what political editorial photography should look like.
The photographer behind this one really deserves to be credited. And of course paid a proper editorial rate. I hope that person did the license correctly and is receiving the financial compensation they deserve for this brilliance. I would hate to see a right wing publication ripping off a creative professional for this brillance. Ripping off creative professionals is a sport by large media companies and happens all the time ....
Clearly that photographer has experience dealing Mr. Harper and did their homework prior to this assignment. The photog really brought out SH's true colours. This photog is also contributing towards helping Canadians become more visually literate. CONs are not generally visually literate - so there is another stab that might not be obvious to some.
SH is an embarrassment to Canadians and a liar. Obama might not be perfect - but at least their is some honesty and transparency.

Anonymous said...

Now if Obama, or anyone, could only provide a solution to Canada's other biggest embarrassment, the Tar Sands tailings ponds in Alberta.

Dr Mike said...

"The High Five Lives" by Barack (I nailed it this time) Obama.

Stephen Harper just became our new invisible minority.

Dr Mike.