Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mark Carney: "We don't do spin".....oh really?

"We don't do optimism; we don't do pessimism; we do realism at the Bank of Canada," Mark Carney told MPs. "We don't do spin."

That's hardly the case.....just take a look at this evasive nonsense.


Dr Mike said...

My goodness , I just watched the Video of Carney at his appointment hearings & it made my blood boil.

Here is a guy who we are trusting with our monetary system & he virtually refuses to answer basic questions about financial policy.

The only thing he will say is that it was necessary for trust investors to suffer the harsh realities of the markets as they invested of their own free will.

Free will is one thing when you are crunched because of bad judgement , it is totally different when you are blind-sided by the gov`t.

These hearings were a joke.

Carney treated them as a mere formality to get out of the way as swiftly as possible as he was already guaranteed the job.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Carney ... could you please clarify what you were doing with Income Trust Policy? I still don't get your math ...

Oh yes, that is right ... you were taking advantage of financially illiterate Canadians when you implemented that ill conceived policy and actually convinced a number of Canadians that you and the Bank of Canada are acting in everyone's best interests.

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