Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Big Global Screw-up

At first I thought this article was an article about the pending bankruptcy of Canwest Global, but to my amazement it was an article by Terry Corcoran preaching about policy makers owning up to their mistakes. And yet here at home we witnessed Terry Corcoran running a major PR offensive on behalf of Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty in their income trust tax leakage fraud/cover up, that caused the loss of $35 billion in Canadians’ savings.

I don’t get it? Terry Corcoran preaches about the need for politicians to admit to their “regulatory and policy failure on a global scale”, while at the same time he spends his time running cover for the demonstrable lies of Canada’s Prime Minister and Finance Minister, and condemns anyone who dares to stand for truth about tax leakage. Ditto for Eric Reguly at the Globe and Mail. According to these thug journalists, Canadians who seek the truth from their elected government are to either be vaporized or encased in concrete and thrown into the nearest lake.

Truth be told, this Big Global Screw-up was aided and abetted by the very sycophants like Terry Corcoran who muster their courage to speak up when conditions are both (1) safe and (2) brain dead obvious. Terry Corcoran’s moral authority to speak on issues such as these, is non-existent.


Dr Mike said...

"If these efforts to repair the problem are based on a faulty understanding of the causes of the problem, then more failure is likely."--Terry Corcoran.

Terry (The Cork) Corcoran sure hit the nail on the head here---the income trust debacle came out of the ashes of one such "faulty understanding" , the notion of tax leakage.

Sure there were some problems with trusts as there is with any free market entity but concocting a false premise to cover-up the real reason behind the policy just lead to failure on a massive scale with lost capital , lost viability , loss of jobs & loss of tax revenues---- no real solution was ever proposed to correct what ailed trusts in the first place.

Thanks to guys like Terry , the minimal regulatory abilities that the gov`t does possess were concentrated in the wrong area.

Dr Mike Popovich.

Richard the Vitriolic said...

Why do we keep bashing our heads against the wall on this one? Canadians have to realise the fact that our mainstream media is there for only one purpose; and that is to propagandise, build and maintain the “consensus” that our ruling oligarchy demands of it. The Income Trust lies spread by a clown like Corcoran is just another example. Terry gets to keep his job by spreading the bull shit his bosses want him to write.

CAITI said...


There are alternatives to media shills like Terry Corcoran and his ilk.....just none in Canada at present: