Friday, February 13, 2009

If Canadian Media had any backbone, they would fund Zytaruk's reputational defense

Cadman biographer threatens to sue Conservatives

February 13, 2009

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- Chuck Cadman's biographer says he might sue the Conservative government for smearing his reputation.

But facing a Tory party with deep pockets, Tom Zytaruk says he would first need a lawyer willing to work for free before seeking reputational damages.

He says he's fed up with watching the Conservatives spread lies about him - and taking for granted that he can't afford a legal fight.

At issue is an interview Zytaruk taped with Stephen Harper several months before Harper became prime minister.

On that tape Harper was overheard discussing a financial offer made to Cadman, the late B.C. MP, in exchange for his support in a crucial parliamentary vote.

The Conservatives have repeatedly claimed that the tape was doctored, even after one of their own experts concluded that the relevant portions were not.

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Dr Mike said...

The Cons continue to spout mistruths about the Cadman tape & it`s owner.

Pierre Poilievre continues to stand-up in parliament & state that the tape has been proven in court to be doctored.

As we all know nothing was proven in court as this case was dropped before any case actually came about & yet they continue to malign the author.

Sad indeed.

The ancient parliamentary rules which allow MPs to lie full-out while in the house need to be addressed.

It is scandalous.

These clowns can say anything & get away with.

The official opposition has been effectively muzzled leaving but a few NDP & Bloc members to fight his battle.

Maybe we should all take-up a collection to aid Tom in a proper lawsuit as no one else seems to be coming to his rescue.


Dr Mike Popovich.