Sunday, February 1, 2009

We told you Harper's word is completely worthless

Income trust investors (and not the media) were the first to warn their fellow Canadians that Harper’s word is worthless, in this full page Toronto Star ad.

Now it's impossible for anyone to deny that reality. Even the media. Even die hard CONservatives.

It appears no one is easier to con than the media or a Conservative, and who better to do it than the major domo CON Man himself Stephen Harper? If Stephen can so freely and brazenly lie to seniors about tax leakage, then why not the party faithful?

Red-ink gusher from Harper well strikes fear in die-hard Toryland

Read and weep here
By James McNulty, The Province February 1, 2009

Harper gurus feel betrayed by their star neo-con pupil
Read and weep here
By: Gillian Steward Toronto Star February 1, 2009

Conservative supporters upset with Tory budget .

Read and weep here News Staff Feb. 1 2009

Conservatives abandon election promises with new budget

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By: Andrew Mayeda, Canwest News Service February 1, 2009

Federal budget most reckless in years

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By Rory Leishman London Free Press February 1, 2009

Is the end of the Conservative era looming?

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By Philip Stavrou, News Feb. 1 2009

The end of Canadian conservatism: How Harper sold out to save himself

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By Andrew Coyne Macleans January 29, 2009

The Fraser Institute: "Irresponsible" Federal Budget Caters to Special Interests and Leaves Future Taxpayers With a Legacy of Debt
Read and weep here
MSNBC January 27, 2009


Dr Mike said...

Good old Stephen (That will teach em for believing me) Harper.

The Reformers are finally getting an up close & personal look at this guy from our vantage point.

Not so good is it boys??

It sucks to be us , but now it sucks to be you too.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Of course Harper's word is completely worthless - he is a CONservative.
Go back to Canada's Confederation and it becomes very obvious members of this party generally have no class and are the worst leaders. Especially in areas of fiscal responsibility. It usually a Liberal who has to step up to the plate by compromising their place in history in order to do what is best for Canadians. Everyone remembers Sir John A. MacDonald's name from Grade 8 history - sadly few of us remember the Liberal man's name who actually made Confederation possible. Myself included.