Thursday, February 5, 2009

A wake up call for Kevin O'Leary of BNN

Subject: Wall Street Journal failed to pursue Madoff fraud, just like CTVBellGlobe Media has failed to report truthfully on tax leakage


You seem to want to go down the rabbit hole with the immoral CTVBellGlobe Media crowd, Flaherty is nothing more than a Bernie Madoff in disguise, having expropriated $35 billion of Canadians’ wealth based on a totally fallacious argument and policy rationale. As we both know, tax leakage is a total hoax. You can do something about it, since you have a pulpit from which to speak. You seem to have lost your "voice" of late?

Meanwhile we have financially illiterate clowns at BNN (Michael Kane) as recently as Monday of this week, writing nonsensical justifications for Flaherty’s income trust tax centered around the completely bogus argument that income trusts cause tax leakage. Do investors in Canada have to occupy a world of total falsehoods advanced by news organizations line BNN?, Globe and Mail?, CTV? I thought you were an investor first? When will you bring some honestly to bear on BNN and your fellow news commentators, none of whom are investors and all of whom kow-tow for a living?

Your professional reputation is on the line. Do something to protect your reputation and Canadians hard earned savings. Associating yourself with a news organization that propagates lies on behalf of the government, wont look good on your resume. If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Here’s the Globe and Mail calling the kettle black: “Frustrated by the SEC, Harry Markopolos said he went to The Wall Street Journal in 2005 but was shot down by senior editors who declined to pursue the story.”

Meanwhile the Globe and Mail's coverage of the income trust policy has been nothing more than a complete cover up, designed to purposely evade the facts and to propagate lies instead,

He blew the whistle – and no one listened

Globe and Mail


Anonymous said...

unfortunately O'Leary doesn't give a damn about retail investors and I'm sure he sits firmly on the side of private equity


Dr Mike said...

Letting the gov`t get away with this is like letting a bully push the small kid around--it`s not you so who cares.

Well , sooner or later , that bully gets tired of that small kid & looks for "another" victim & that "another" may be you.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

It is abundantly cleat that the word "principle" does not form part of O'Leary's vocabulary