Friday, February 27, 2009

Thomas Mulcair needs to awaken to his own insights

Thomas Mulcair is the Deputy Leader of the NDP and his party’s Finance Critic. Thomas Mulcair was on CBC yesterday with Don Newman explaining the perils of this $3 billion ”slush fund” that has been set aside by Flaherty as part of the Budget.

Mulcair said that governments will often exploit matters of legitimate national concern and turn them into situations of their own advantage for themselves and their friends. Mulcair charged that the Harper government is using Canadians’ legitimate concern about the need for stimulus and using that opportunity as his excuse to create this highly unorthodox discretionary spending fund, a situation that is rife for abuse.

Mulcair drew a parallel to how the concern over national unity that followed the close outcome of the 1995 referendum, provided the rationale for the creation of a similar discretionary type fund known as the Sponsorship Fund. We all know how that worked out and how Ottawa’s bureaucracy “gamed” Canadians and taxpayers.

Meanwhile, Thomas Mulcair and the entire NDP remain oblivious to the fact that they have been similarly duped and gamed by the Ottawa bureaucracy and by the Harper government on the income trusts issue. Is the NDP so dense that they can’t realize who this policy was designed to benefit? Namely Manulife Financial and Great West Life. Namely US foreign private equity firms like Brian Mulroney’s Blackstone Capital, Cerberus Capital, Goldman Sachs and KKR? Namely foreign corporations like Abu Dhabi Energy, Begium’s Interbrew and Cheung Kong Holdings of Hong Kong? Wake up NDP, the evidence is irrefutable, and yet the rationale for the policy is non-existent.

This entire hoax of a tax policy was perpetrated on the premise that a matter of grave national urgency was involved, namely the assertion that income trusts cause tax leakage. So where’s the proof apart from 18 pages of blacked out documents? Is that what the NDP stands for? Government shrouded in secrecy and the use of blacked out documents? Meanwhile we know for a fact that income trusts do not cause tax leakage. Tax leakage was an argument that Mark Carney falsely contrived to serve ends that are opposed to the interests of all Canadians, except a handful of very powerful people that the NDP profess to have the courage to stand up to?

I have one question for Tom Mulcair, who strikes me as an honest and intelligent person. On what basis, and with what for proof, have MPs of your party written the following, en masse, to their constituents.

“Dear constituent: I have spoken with Judy Wasylycia-Leis, our party’s Finance Critic, she is confident that the government’s estimates of future tax leakage are accurate.”?

.....or is this just another sponsorship scandal in the making with the NDP cast in the role of Chuck Guité, compliant instrument of government corruption. After all, the income trust tax and all its foreign related takeovers, is costing Canadian taxpayers over $1 billion in lost taxes PER YEAR, a number that will soon grow to $7 billion PER YEAR, unless something is done to uncover Mark Carney’s lies about alleged tax leakage:

By blindly accepting the lies of the Harper government at face value, the NDP are making themselves complicit in this crime. By exposing the lies of the Harper government, the NDP have the opportunity to be heroes. Which is it Mr Mulcair? Complicit in lies or heroes? Time is running out. It's time for something new from the NDP.

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Dr Mike said...

Somebody needs to look at the big picture here.

The amount of corporate tax has dropped like a stone as that particular model is decimated by the model itself & also due to the downturn.

The dividends have been cut by many of these same businesses slowing the flow of tax revenue from this source as well.

A lot of trusts continue to generate healthy outflows of income despite the economy , making the losses in tax revenue correspondingly smaller for this group.

Time for guys like Mulcair to take another look at the trust model & maybe take a real deep boo at the Flaherty tax leakage figures.

It could be that the economic solution is right under their noses & has been all along.

Dr Mike.