Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Caisse joins exclusive $30+ billion meltdown club, along with Manulife and income trust investors

Members include:

Caisse de depot:
$39 billion caused by fund mismanagement, excessive exposure to the ABCP cheque kiting scheme...are these guys incompetent or what?

Manulife: $35 billion caused by management gamble to drive stock option gains, by issuing unhedged investment product....are these guys greedy or what?

Trust Investors:
$35 billion caused by Harper’s drive by shooting, fraudulently alleging that income trusts cause tax leakage....are these people defrauded or what?

Just imagine how incensed the Caisse pensioners and Manulife shareholders would be, if their losses were sustained as a sole result of the Harper government, as was the case with income trusts investors.......would there be rioting in the streets yet?

Would Harper’s head be on the chopping block along with the CEOs of Manulife and the Caisse where it belongs?


Anonymous said...

Seems to me Manure_Life should have been better least that's what I remember everyone lecturing to Income Trust investors when we were betrayed to the tune of $35 Billion.

But it was a ridiculous statement back then as it is now.

Diversification won't help in a global meltdown any more than during the wanton destruction of seniors wealth through a government betrayal of trust..


Dr Mike said...

It`s one thing to lose money because of the markets.

It`s quite a something else to lose because of gov`t policy.

That reminds me , what ever happened to the promised Harper legislation to compensate for any losses due to gov`t policy.

Just another broken promise I guess.

Dr Mike Popovich.