Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Charest denounces Dumont.....and by extension, Harper

In a news interview today concerning the massive losses of Caisse de depot, Quebec Premier Jean Charest was asked by a reporter whether he would apologize to ADQ Leader Mario Dumont, in view of the fact that Mario Dumont had accurately warned voters during the election about the pending losses to their savings.

Charest refused to apologize to Dumont, saying that Dumont had fostered fear in the minds of seniors by meeting with them in seniors home and elsewhere to convey the pending bad news. Charest denounced such an approach......evidently on the basis that truth has no role in an election?

I guess the corollary to instilling fear in the minds of seniors for political gain during an election would be instilling false comfort in the minds of seniors for political gain during an election, as Stephen Harper did during the 2006 election campaign, and his promise to NEVER tax income trusts....the reneging of which caused losses equal to those sustained by the Caisse.

So whose conduct is more deserving of Charest’s disdain:

Mario Dumont for (accurately) warning Quebec seniors about the losses being sustained by the Caisse, or

Stephen Harper for (falsely) comforting Canadian seniors about the safety of their income trust investments......and subsequently falsifying his tax leakage analysis in an attempt to justify his policy betrayal flip flop.


Dr Mike said...

I have disdain , contempt , hostility , burned-off-ed-ness , & downright crankiness towards Harper & his wrecking crew of Flaherty & Carney.

These guys had a simple fix--grandfather existing trusts & allow no new trust formation until a proper consultative study could be done to allow for the set-up of proper rules & regulations.

Easy smeasy.

No big deal.

No one wiped-out.

Time to act in a proper manner without detriment to the citizenry.

So why did this not happen--the gov`t said it needed to be decisive & act without any leaks.

Sure was decisive--sure were no leaks.

Sure were no survivors.

Kind of like a fast ride on the Titanic , eh.

Dr Mike.

Cherniak_WTF said...

So whose conduct is more deserving of Charest’s disdain:

Charest is a con, and like all cons, he's done mess up. This time it is the Caisse....