Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Profiles in Leadership, or complete lack thereof

Real leaders, like Barack Obama, admit to errors and correct them: Obama concedes error as Daschle withdraws. Obama: ”I screwed up”

Whereas Stephen Harper does not, as described by Seymour Schulich: Click here


Dr Mike said...

Everyone knows that not admitting your mistakes is the true sign of a leader.

Being tough & decisive in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary shows that you deserve to be in control.

Issuing 18 blacked-out pages of proof is a sure sign that you are always doing the best for your people.

All of these things Obama is not.

Maybe we could offer Mr Harper to the US --it appears they are in need of a REAL leader.

Dr Mike Popovich

saii said...

agreed. Americans have a "not a leader" entity now. Of course Americans would prefer warm, fuzzy vests than a promise of 'hope' and change. Canadians know better.