Monday, March 3, 2008

Argument weak? Shout louder

Harper is nothing more than the wounded puppy Leader.

Let me guess, he got this tactic from Mulroney:

Harper threatens to sue Dion, key Liberals
Globe and Mail Update
March 3, 2008 at 10:31 AM EST



Anonymous said...

More like a self incriminating case of:

Argument Non Existent? Shout louder.

Dr Mike said...

One thing about Harper , he is consistent.

Rather than sort something out , hammer the crap out of it--pound it into submission--works every time.

Even if this does not resolve it , the issue is usually so bloodied that no one will recognize what it was in the first place anyway.

Great cover.

It`s always easier to blame the victim in order to cover up your original crime.

These guys are masters at it.


Anonymous said...

Harper is just following his own advice he gave John Tory after he flaked out in the Ontario election and was at risk from within:

"Kick ass," the Prime Minister told Tory in a lengthy telephone call just after the Oct. 10 landslide re-election victory by Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberals.

Brent Fullard

Robert Gibbs said...


Blimey, more putrid filth coming out of the CON denial machine.

When stuck in a corner, let loose the lawyer WAR PIGS.

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death's construction

In the fields a body's burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds

Robert Gibbs said...

Telefilm Canada To Fund New Austin Powers Movie Starring Stephen Harper

-Other Conservative Players Have Now Signed On-

Telefilm Canada has been given the go-ahead by the Canadian Conservative government to fund the new Austin Powers movie.

Unfortunately, Mike Myers will not be the lead actor.

In his place, Stephen Harper will be starring as:

DR EVIL, and

And now we have confirmation that Jim Flaherty will be playing the part of:


With Rona Ambrose and Helena Guergis as:


Also back by popular demand are two characters to be played by Tom Flanagan and Doug Finley in the roles of Stephen Harper's "emissaries":

FOOK ME, and

Once a tory always a fool said...

I sure hope this goes to trial but somehow I don't expect it will. Civil actions are not protected by criminal law hocus-pocus, and the proceedings will be open to even the grubby reporters. So it sure would make for fascinating tales from a civil law crypt.

Gosh, imagine what would have happen if Mulroney's defamation suit had gone to trial. The RCMP had probable grounds for the investigation, and Mulroney would have had to put some cards on the table face-up, and...

Mulroney..? That reminds me. A defamation action is what Mulroney used to obstruct justice in the Airbus scandal... If that's dot A, where O where could dot B be?

Polyian said...

Strange that Harper wants to sue the Liberals for printing what he is recorded on tape as saying. Sounds like another smokescreen by Harper. Attack the messenger, because he can't do a thing about the message.

Dr Mike said...


Any idea when the tickets go on sale??

Loved the post.


Robert Gibbs said...


Tickets are in the mail, along with Harper's "property expropriation" cheque he also promised in his CON-trived election platform.

I, too, have enjoyed your comments.

In fact, on a previous post, I believe you mentioned something about a legal or medical precedent regarding "deathbed confessions"?

Was this of Canadian origin?

Do you by any chance have the reference again, or the link.

Perhaps I'm over-stating this, but I thought it could be quite important.

Maybe it can be brought to the attention of Garth Turner or the Liberals.

Dr Mike said...


My link was to Taber`s Medical as follows

"A declaration made at the time immediately preceding death. Such a statement, if made with the consciousness and belief that death is impending and in the presence of a witness, is legally considered as binding as a statement made under oath".

Hope this helps!!