Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PMO won't answer key questions in Cadman affair

Updated Tue. Mar. 4 2008 4:08 PM ET

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- Repeated appeals to the Prime Minister's Office since the Chuck Cadman affair surfaced last week have failed to yield direct answers to the following queries:

1. Did anyone from the Conservative party, or connected to the Tories, offer Cadman a million-dollar life-insurance policy?

2. If Tom Flanagan and Doug Finley offered Cadman a repayable loan, what was the amount and what were the terms of repayment?

3. What did Stephen Harper mean when he said in a 2005 interview that "an offer'' that included "financial considerations'' was made to Cadman?

4. Why didn't Harper say last week that he told Dona Cadman more than two years ago that he didn't know about the alleged life-insurance offer?

5. Why did the Prime Minister's Office and the Conservatives first deny an offer had been made, only to later say a repayable loan was offered?

6. What motivation would Dona Cadman, a Tory candidate in her husband's former riding, have to fabricate a story about the life-insurance offer?


Robert Gibbs said...


Stephen Harper has responded to questions posed by The Canadian Press earlier today:

"The 'fact' is that Canadians 'must trust' everything we say is true. There is no scandal here. You must believe us. End of story. Um...OK...This is not for publication?"

Anonymous said...

Can Steffi answer what nights his wife straps it on for him,and why her wedding dress fits him perfectly.

Robert Gibbs said...

In answer to the last question from anonymous, I believe Steffi has "outsourced" the investigation of this to his "independent" make-up artist.