Saturday, March 1, 2008

Harper's Chief of Staff issues blanket statement on latest scandal

Question for the Brodie-meister: Is the Cadman scandal “epic betrayal” enough for you?

November 13, 2006

This would be a more compelling analysis if the government weren’t already in the midst of a steady program of cutting tax rates, including corporate taxes, across the board.

The alternative to breaking the election promise and taxing trusts was to abandon all other tax cut plans as the corporate tax base quickly disappeared. Instead, Flaherty acted quickly, in the face of rapidly changing conditions, to break the trusts promise and save the rest of the government’s promises.

Not a pretty choice, to be sure, but hardly an epic betrayal either.

Ian Brodie
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By the way Ian: We're still waiting for your corrupt government's proof of tax leakage as well as those tax cuts you referred to back in November 2006. Surely you weren't referring to that mindless cut to the GST?


Anonymous said...

Income trust betrayal epic?

$35 billion epic?

Evidently not.

But then, who the heck is Ian Brodie?... if not the epicenter of Harper’s deceit factory?

Dr Mike said...

This guy is as clueless as the rest of the flunkies in Harpers government.

I am sure it was not an epic betrayal to anyone in Harper` caucus--I would love to know how many Conservative MPs continued to hold trusts on the afternoon of Oct 31st 2006.

It might be we were the only saps on the short end of the stick--after all , it was our fault that we believed this guy in the first place.

To us , losing 18% of our life savings over the last year , is an epic betrayal--we do not have your trough-like pensions to fall back on.

About that pay increase you will get soon..............