Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tom Flanagan, PhD: Piled higher and Deeper

This from Wikipedia:

Thomas Eugene Flanagan is an Americo-Canadian writer and professor of political science at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. He is the only son of an Irish-American family from Illinois, and he attended the University of Notre Dame, Indiana as an undergraduate.

Born in the United States, Flanagan first moved to Canada after completing a Ph.D at Duke University to take up a post at the University of Calgary.

Flanagan is part of a group known as the Calgary School and a senior fellow of the free-market think tank, the Fraser Institute.

Canadian federal politics

Flanagan worked for Preston Manning in the early days of the Reform Party of Canada, but left following the 1993 general election. Currently, Flanagan is a close confidant of Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party. He worked as Harper's national campaign director in the 2004 federal election, and was a senior campaign advisor in the 2006 election.

Chuck Cadman bribery allegations

A biography of Chuck Cadman, to be published March 15, 2008 charges that two Conservative party officials offered Cadman, who was critically ill with cancer, a $1 million life insurance policy if he voted against the then-Liberal minority government in a confidence vote on May 19, 2005. If Cadman had voted with the Conservatives, the Liberal government would have fallen, forcing an election.[1]

Doug Finley (Director of Political Operations, Conservative Party of Canada) and Tom Flanagan said they met with Cadman on the day of the vote to talk about his possible move to the Conservative fold. "We offered ways that we — as campaign officials — could help Mr. Cadman in the Conservative nomination process, and if successful, wage a competitive campaign in a general election," the statement said.

Federal Liberals have asked the RCMP to investigate the allegations. They sent a letter to the Mounties on February 28, 2008 noting that under the Criminal Code of Canada, it is illegal for anyone to try to influence a member of Parliament by offering financial incentives.[2][3]


jerr the bear said...

All this is bringing back memories, have been a Conservative supporter all my life until the Holloween Masacre. I remember wanting Cadman to bring down the Liberals...What a FOOL I was, be carefull what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

march 2,1008: Jerr the bear. You have company, I did the same and I feel myself double-fooled. To be taken in by the dumb-assed Flaherty and the lying Harper burns me up every day. Oh what I wouldn.t give to see an inquiry and Flanagan be sentenced to a jail term. I can dream, can't I.

Anonymous said...

We have to be careful not to bring them down too soon because if the election is too quick they came say we cannot talk about that because of rcmp....treat carefully libs....gramps...

Anonymous said...

One thought comes to mind - why would anyone think Messrs. Finlay and Flannigan admit openly to bribery?

Dr Mike said...

Guys ,

Us trust investors must all be boneheads when it comes to voting for the Cons--I am the ultimate at 36 years.

I need a slap in the face & a kick in the ass both.

I thought the Liberals were about to shaft us when Goodale was about to act on trusts--Harper & the boys looked like our saviors.


Now look who is coming to the rescue--the aforementioned nasty old Liberals.

What will they think of next.

Tore up my Conservative membership card on Oct 31st 2006--have my shiny new Liberal card in my wallet all ready to go.

Things are coming together at last--Harper & Flaherty are about to get their`s.

Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's because they have no "principles" to begin with

The Man Behind Stephen Harper

The new Conservative Party has tasted success and wants majority rule. If Tom Flanagan and his Calgary School have their way, they’ll get it without compromising their principles.

by Marci McDonald