Saturday, March 1, 2008

Garth: I second that motion


BTW, the lowest and sleaziest moment thus far in a sad tale: Mike Duffy asking Cadman’s daughter, live on TV, if her dying dad was “fuzzy on drugs” when he told her about the Conservative offer. To her credit, she did not tell him to get stuffed.


Dr Mike said...

She should have gotten up & kicked his ass--what an insensitive hack of a so-called reporter.

What shred of credibility he had left before this incident, has evaporated.

Boycott the jerk.


Dr Mike.

Anonymous said...

I guess the only thing lower than a sleazy politician is a sleazy reporter.

And there are so many of them!!! Mike Dufus is their current day leader.

Polyian said...

Are all the Con card carrying supporters so blinded by Herr Harper that they cannot see this bribe for what it is? I can now see how Adolf Hittler was so successful. When I was a kid I often wondered how so many could be so blind (stupid) to follow a leader like Adolf. Now I'm older, quite a bit poorer because of Harper's Income Trust betrayal and still wondering how many can be so blind. What will it take for guys like this to wake up and smell the rotten Conservative roses.

Duffy was trying to lead (trick) the young girl into agreeing with his statements which were based on nothing but supposition...shameful

Interesting that Peter McKay is distancing himself on this...I guess he's Con leader in waiting.

Polyian said...

What Duffy was doing in the interview is testifying and asking for agreement. In a court room the Defense Council would object and the Prosecutor would we warned off. There was no one there to protect this young lass from Duffy's sneaky attack. Is this how CTV has evolved or can we expect an apology from Duffy...on air?

Anonymous said...

I had this correspondence with Duffy in his decorum of the past:

Why do I get the impression that Committee Chair Paul Szabo was thinking about you and your sense of decorum, when he stated toady:

"Now let me begin, mr. Schreiber by letting you know-- order, please. Let me begin mR. Schreiber by letting you know we have received a very, very large number of faxes and e-mails from Canadians all across country. They were
expressing their disgust at the failure of the responsible policing
authorities to ensure your personal dignity while being in handcuffs being led to your Ottawa residence to access your documents. This unacceptable incident was also exploited by some as you know who also subjected you to ridicule and mockery. This matter was internationally reported, and in our view the committee's view, the shaming of one Canadian has shamed all Canadians. The committee members sincerely regret that this indignity occurred and we strongly, very strongly encourage those who are responsible will take all necessary steps to ensure that such a spectacle will never happen again. It is not the Canadian way."

I ended by saying:

I can’t say I was too impressed with your coverage of Karlheinz Schreiber being escorted to his home handcuffed by two police officers who held him by each arm as Karlheinz’s pants slipped off his overweight frame as he was denied the opportunity of wearing his belt.

People complain about the low brow nature of politics in Ottawa. Reporters like you are the cause of much of the problem since evidently you feed off this stuff, which only serves to encourage these clowns to do more of the same. Thank god we have been spared witnessing your fat ass under similar circumstances.

PS. Could your coverage of politics be any more sympathetic to the corrupt Harper regime than is presently the case? Just wondering. Keep up the highly biased work. Don Newman you are not.

Brent Fullard

Gayle said...

Not to mention the fact that he suggested to her that if her father had really been offered a million dollar bribe he would have taken it.

Because it is always good reporting to tell the grieving daughter her late father was a criminal...

Anonymous said...


Excellent point. I caught that too. Good think Cadman's daughter is so foregiving of Duffy's obvious bias and slant. Nothing stands in his way to buy cover for Harper.....even questioning Cadman's ethics.

It made a joke of Duffy's "kind" words of hypocrisy to Cadman and his family.

Certified sleaze ball that Duffy

The Mound of Sound said...

Great picture of Duffy! I worked with the guy when we were in radio in the early 70's. Back then he was a powerhouse. Now he seems content to serve as a Tory shill. Sad, really. Ooops, I stole that last line from Peter MacKay!

Anonymous said...

Mike Duffy is a professional [expletive deleted] to put it politely.

This guy in in search of a patronage appointment like a senate seat or something of that nature maybe be GG. When the Libs were in power he was sucking up to them.

The Libs probably disappointed him so now he is sucking up to another gang in power.

Dr Mike said...

As I said before , she should have gotten up & kicked his ass.

Good thing Chuck wasn`t there!!!!

Dr Mike.

Dr. Johnson said...

Good point,

how dare Duffy get in the way of utilizing a dead man for partisan political gain.

That's Liberal territory, stay out of the way Duffy!

Anonymous said...

Dr Johnston:

Not sure you had in mind about relying on a dead man for an alibi.

I think you must be thinking of Brian Mulroney, whose only references for the international consulting he did while on retainer with Karl Heinz Schreiber was Boris Yeltsin and Mitterand.....both convenient.

Seems Harpster has learned from his mentor, Brian, well.

Too bad they will both go down as Canada's two most corrupt PMs. Pity.

Jim Pook said...

"Fuzzy mind". It was a fair question. Nobody forced Ms. Cadman to be on Duffy's show, she could have refused.

Duffy was obligated to ask the tough question, and she answered it.

Chuck put his family ahead of job - no one can blame him for looking after his family.

Dr Mike said...

Jim Pook

You say asking this was Duff`s obligation to ask a "tough question".

Did n`t seem too tough for him to ask the way I saw it.

Insensitive yes , tough no.

The guy is a hack!!!!

Dr Mike--a former life-long Conservative.

Anonymous said...

Hey CAITI, I see Mike Duffy is your latest play toy.

Hmmmm, I am lovin it. Having watched Duffy's biased reporting, he deserves everything you can throw at him.


Anonymous said...

Mike Duffy,

Are you becoming as sleazy and despicable as Harper, Flaherty, Ablonczy, Kenney, Prentice, Flannigan and the rest of those lying CONS?

You are the one that's "Fuzzy on drugs".

A former conservative

Anonymous said...

Jim Pook:

Tough question?....give me a break.

If you think Mike Duffy is the man of "tough questions", them when do you suppose Mike will ask Harper when he first engaged in bribery?

Before he met Mulroney, or afterwards?

Brent Fullard

Anonymous said...

this asshole philsburry dough boy did the same thing to margeret trudeau about the death of her son, remember that....what pisses me off is even liberals promote and pander to this asshole....

Anonymous said...

Mike Duffy?

Don Newman, you are not.

Mike Wallace, you are not.

So what does that leave?

Jerry Springer?


Mary the golfer said...

Poor Jerry!!

At least his show is entertaining & full of mindless chatter. Mike Duffy can only dream of someday reaching his level of journalistic excellence.

Mary P.

Whistlers Mother said...

If you watch the Duffy TV interview with Mr. Cadman's daughter again. She says "That is a fair question, considering what condition my father was in." This was her immediate response to be asked whether his medications may have made him somewhat fuzzy in the head about the issue. She took no offense although it was obviously a hurried but not a great choice of words by Duffy.

Anonymous said...

Whistler's Mother:

You're right. She said words to that effect.

She obviously has the polish and flair for diplomacy that Duffy so clearly lacks.

Not a good choice of words is anchors as well.

Anonymous said...

More on the Dufus.

Sorry, that should have read Mor on the Dufus:


Anonymous said...

From Kady O'Malley's blog at Macleans:

But around the same time, over on CTV News, there was the following exchange between Mike Duffy and Jodi Cadman (full video here):

DUFFY: "You don't think there's any possibility that your dad, with pain medication and whatever, somehow might have been a little fuzzy-minded at the time he told you the story?"

JODI CADMAN: "I think that's a valid question, um, I have to say no because he told my mother the same thing. We were not all in the same room, these happened on different occasions. He even spoke to my husband about it afterwards. I wasn't in the room at all, so there's three different occasions, three different people, the same story told."

Now, is this really the line the Conservatives want to go with? That the party dispatched senior officials to negotiate with a drug-addled cancer patient, who was incapable of understanding what was being discussed? Because somehow, I don't think that really kills the story.