Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cadman and income trust scandals on the campaign trail

Here is a very telling 3 minute interview by CPAC of the Liberal and Conservative candidates in the Quadra byelection, while they were out campaigning recently.

Note the role that the Cadman scandal and the income trust betrayal play in the minds of voters and as acknowledged by both candidates. The best is at the end. I think those admissions weren't sanctioned by the PMO.

These two issues are certain to play a major role in who forms Canada's next government:


Anonymous said...

Post script:

The CON candidate who professed that elections are won by "small thinking" was proven wrong. She lost. Her small thinking lost.

Good bye Harper and your corrupt regime of LIE. CONCEAL. FABRICATE.

Brent Fullard

Dr Mike said...

I love how when confronted with a knowledgeable citizen on the street , her only avenue of escape was to change the subject around to the lady`s dog.

Sounds like Question Period all over again & the "astooooot" words of Peter van Looney when responding to questions on income trusts.

A whole lot of nonsense without any substance.

Sure am glad we are paying him the big bucks on our behalf.


Anonymous said...

The CON likes “small dogs” and thinks elections are won on “small thinking:

Small dogs?.... Like herself, led around by the leash

Small thinking?.... Income trusts cause tax leakage. The blacked out documents prove it.