Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today in Question Period: Liberal MP John McKay

Hon. John McKay (Scarborough—Guildwood, Lib.)

Mr. Speaker, we are told that we can tell whether the Prime Minister is telling the truth or not by looking into his eyes. Canadians want to believe that when a Prime Minister makes a promise he will keep it.

Will the Prime Minister look into the eyes of two million hard-working Canadians and explain his betrayal of the income trust promise?

Mr. Speaker, when commenting on the TSX decline in public offerings, the CEO of the TSX said: “The federal government knee-capped the income trust industry and it hurt our reputation abroad”.

We now have a finance minister running around the country saying “invest anywhere but Ontario”. The Prime Minister has broken his word on income trusts, on the Atlantic accord, on equalization, on capital gains taxes and he trash talks the people of Ontario.

Why should Canadians believe the Prime Minister?


Anonymous said...

Cramer Says Don't Buy Canadian Oil and Gas Trusts Because of Flaherty

Just happened to catch Cramer a few minutes ago. He has recommended
Canadian trusts in the past but he now says that they are not recommended because he does not trust the government.

He thinks that they can raise the
trust taxes again. We don't need that kind of help with the oil and gas trusts.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wish the Americans could trust our government but how can they when we can't trust Mr. Harper ourselves.

The latest example is the leak about Sen. Obama . Mr. Harper wants to handle it in house instead of calling in the RCMP as he should.

What is it going to take for these guys to realize they can't just run around doing what they want and not think of the consequences.

Rick Drysdale

Anonymous said...

March 4, 2008: When you travel abroad, don't mention that you are Canadian. The world thinks we have a kook for P.M. and they are right. The man doesn't know the meaning of keeping one's promise. Cramer is watched by many (including myself) and if he claims we have a government who specializes in lies, several millions believe it. Flaherty should have a keeper...the man is bonkers! He never shuts his stupid mouth and now he wants to be the leader of the Ontario Conservative party. Is this man not "nuts". Harper believes every lie he utters but the financial people simply think he is a liar. When or when we will be rid of these inept Conservatives.

Dr Mike said...

The Cons will keep on just the way they have for the last 2 years.

There appears to be no-one who will stop them.

The official opposition is willing to let things slide because they are afraid of the electorate & are dollar poor.

Parliamentary committees such as Finance have been rendered almost useless as the NDP & Bloc side with the Conservatives on most relevant issues.

The RCMP has lost their reputation for getting their man as they let politicos walk without being held accountable.

The Canadian people have turned into a bunch of sheep who are happy as long as they have a decisive leader no matter how corrupt or incompetent.

Without anyone in gov`t to take a stand against these people , it makes our battle an uphill one.

The Conservatives think they are pretty much invincible & thus run the country as if they have a majority.

I don`t think I could handle 4 more years of these guys in power , so we have to make sure that does not occur.


Polyian said...

Thank You John McKay. I was thinking exactly the same thing when Dona Cadman gushed her comment about looking into Harper's eyes...the same eyes that lied to seniors, the same cold steel eyes that betrayed us. Lyin Eyes was the term coined by the Eagles....Ain't no way to hide those Lyin Eyes.

cyberwanderer said...

Flaherty wants to be leader of the Conservative? Is he behind the group who is trying to undermine John Tory? I heard someone said that Flaherty's wife want to replace John Tory.

Dr. Mike, I know it's frustrating to see Harper manipulate his way through things. But if Dion force an election too soon, Canadian who don't follow politics would easily fall for Harper's pretension that "oh I don't want an election but the Liberal force this on us." Liberal have to do a better job in communicating issues to Canadians.

The fact is when it comes to politics, people are gullible and that is the sad truth. It would take something huge before people wakes up. Like how Walkerton combined with crumbling health, education and social services in Ontario finally did Harris and Flaherty in.