Monday, March 3, 2008

The eyes have it: Dona Cadman repeats George Bush's infamous error

So today we learn from Dona Cadman that she is absolving Harper from any guilt or involvement in this alleged insurance policy bribe based on having “looked into Harper’s eyes.”

Dona Cadman’s statement of today claims: “I knew he was telling me the truth; I could see it in his eyes."

Interesting, since most woman look at Harper and see nothing more than a cold fish. Not Dona Cadman.

When exactly did this eye examination take place?

Isn’t Dona Cadman a little concerned that she’s repeating the same mistake that George Bush infamously made with Vladimir Putin?

Who the hell is Dona Cadman to absolve Stephen Harper? What are her unique powers of absolution? Oh yeah, Conservative candidate for Surrey North.

The truth is Dona Cadman’s statement of today means nothing, except that Harper is getting desperate. We still have Dona Cadman saying that her husband informed her that the Conservatives offered her husband a $1 million insurance policy bribe and we have Harper’s tape recorded acknowledgment that “The offer to Chuck was blah blah blah.....”

Why is Dona Cadman squandering her credibility on Harper? Who does she think she is? A soothsayer?

The best insurance policy is to always tell the truth and stick to subject matter you understand.

Looked into his eyes? Could see the truth? I think Dona is selling herself cheap.

What's next up Harper's sleeve? Palm reading? Tea leaves? Tarot cards?



Dr Mike said...

Yikes--this guy scares me.

He looked into all our eyes & told us he would never ever tax income trusts--I thought he was telling the truth back then too & we all know what happened after that.

We ended-up with enough dead ducks to make soup for a thousand years.

The fact is still there that the party made this offer--Harper was the head of this party & we all know that nothing is done unless it goes by him--this is just the nature of the beast.

It appears that Dona Cadman will continue to run for the Conservative Party of Canada.


Robert Gibbs said...

From Garth Turner's Blog
By Smokingjoe on 03.03.08 3:59 pm

….Somewhere in Canada…..

Donna you are getting sleepy…sleepy…

Now listen to me carefully Donna…I did not know about the offer….You looked into my eyes….I said to you…I did not know about the offer…If you do not say this I will sue you tooo….I did not know about the offer….I only knew that the guys were offering him financial compensation….that is not a bribe….Now at the count of 3 you will awaken and give a press conference…1…2…3

Robert Gibbs said...


Did you happen to see the previous post asking about your previous comment that there may be a possible legal/medical "precedent" about a deathbed confession being akin to a statement under oath?

Dr Mike said...


Check on for the Deathbed statement definition.


PS--I did just now post the defintion & the link

Once a tory always a fool said...

Let Dona Cadman be. She told it the way she saw it. What more can we ask of her? Nothing, I say.

On the other hand, she has confirmed that she told Harper in person that two unknown “associates” of the Harper Tory Party offered Chuck a $1 million inducement. So, I want to ask: What did Harper do about that? Did he open a file? Did he investigate? Did he check with his top advisors as to what they knew, or ask for advice from the Tory Party legal counsel? What did he do, or not do, to confront the apparent breach of the Criminal Code? Or have opposition members not sworn to uphold Canada laws, and doing nothing was a valid option?

Anonymous said...

when Dona Cadman was being interviewed by somebody I think it was duffy ..she said she had talked to the conservatice party that day and they wanted a 'PRESS RELEASE" I guess she gave in.

Anonymous said...

Once a tory always a fool is right:

With all due respect to Dona Cadman, she has done all Canadians an important service by speaking the truth.

There is nothing, however, to be gained by her from engaging in speculation, notwithstanding the pressure she must be under from her new conservative handlers, as evidenced by today's press release.

Dona's daughter demonstrated her credibility by simply sticking to what she knows and not going to places less certain. I know that Bruce Cheadie (sp?) of Canadian Press applauded Cadman's daughter for showing that discipline in her comments.

Brent Fullard

Robert Gibbs said...



At this time, I will say no more.

Many regards.


Anonymous said...

You Liberals make me laugh.

Yesterday Dona Cadman was a saint. Today she's a whore who sold herself to a right wing government.

Why do you believe her first statement yet take exception to today's press release?

I know Liberals waft with the wind but this is absurd.

Anonymous said...


A few pertinent questions re: your various accusations, since I am thinking of launching a lawsuit for slander:

Who on this blog has self identified as a Liberal?

Who on this blog referred to Dona Cadman as a saint, apart from you?

Who on this blog referred to Dona Cadman as a whore. apart from you?

Waft in the wind? You must be referring to Canada's New Waft in the Wind Government.

Please forward your home address, so that I can serve papers on you.

24 Sussex Drive?